Sunday, 29 March 2015


H&M top | Dunnes shorts | mam's cardigan | Penneys tights and bracelets | Tesco boots
On Friday evening, my friends and I went out to celebrate my birthday and I felt very grateful again to have such funny and brilliant friends ! Of course, before I left the house, I did the totally non-narcissistic thing and took outfit because I have been sick all week and I felt good in what I was wearing so why wouldn't I blog about it ! Lately I've been practically living in shorts, they've become my new go-to kind of clothing, so after finally finding this burgundy pair (wardrobe is all over the place.) which are currently my favourite for the more dressier outfits, I thought they'd look really well with my black velvet top and patterned tights (also currently my favourite things.) and so, I ended up feeling really comfortable for the evening and it was neither too cold nor too warm ! I chalked my hair with some red with pink too, although I'm not really recommending it since it completely dried out my hair which is already in not the best of states ! Then I had already painted my nails on Wednesday night, the way I always do for my birthday - thank you mammy for the glitter topcoats - and my makeup all purple as per usual, except I've started adding a little brown into my eye makeup as well and somehow it didn't result in me depicting a zombie - achievements !

The Easter Holidays have landed and I already have a busy week ahead so I needn't worry about spending my time off procrastinating ! Likewise, for once I actually have an idea of what I'll be blogging about over the next seven days so yay for being organised - they will actually be posts with a purpose, I promise ! Yesterday was another Saturday afternoon spent at the beach plus the weather was unexpectedly beautiful once again, although this time I didn't take as many photos but you can see one I took of my friends sitting up on a hill here. They're all pretty bad-ass in my opinion, considering I struggled to even begin to climb the muddy and uneven hill later on !

Hurrah for holidays, hurrah for spring !

Grace x

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