Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Playlist

Today I am back with another playlist at this time, it is what I've been listening to during the month of February ! I've included just five as a lot of music I've been listening to such as Satellite Stories, Lorde, Foo Fighters, Two Door Cinema Club and French Films was included in last month's posts here and here and I don't want to bore anyone by repeating myself ! The drawing above is full of lyrics from the songs I've been listening to this month and random doodles alongside them all - I had nothing else to do in class tutor, free double history or today.

Echosmith - Come Together : I first heard Cool Kids back in November or December and I'd swear I heard of this band before then but when I looked up their music this month and discovered that the drummer is my age and the lead singer is only two years older than me, I was like this is so cool because their lyrics aren't all teenage angst or heartbreak and they sound as if they've been around for years ! My favourite song of their's has to be Come Together - it always puts me in a happier mood and reminds me of going up to Dublin for the blogger meetup ! If you haven't been won over yet, the music video is even cooler as it appears to be inspired by The Breakfast Club ! I also love love love their cover of Bizarre Love Triangle which I haven't really stopped listening to since midterm. The harmonies in it are so beautiful and it's altogether just gorgeous and in my opinion, just as good as the original by New Order.

Sia - Elastic Heart : This is the song that was playing everyday during the week of work experience and although I wasn't quite sure if I liked it at first, I slowly grew to love it like every other song of Sia's ! It reminds me a lot of her voice on Titanium and of course like all her songs, the lyrics are very powerful and her voice could shatter glass, it's so strong and of course Maddie Ziegler dancing perfects everything ! Sia deserves so much more praise and credit than she is given as her music sends more of a specific message than a lot of other pop artists.

Nirvana - All Apologies :  Lorde closing the Nirvana Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with this song is where I first heard All Apologies and I love how she made the song her own and didn't stick exactly to the original, it's amazing and I almost prefer the accordion playing the melody over the guitar. The whole song is just lyrical genius - if that's how you could describe it - and the MTV Unplugged version is a billion times better than anything else and there is talking at the end which means I don't have to panic over pausing the end of the song before it ends, to find the next song to listen to. First world problems with Grace.

Alt-J - Breezeblocks : I am one hundred percent convinced this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard and I am on the verge of tears every time I listen to it. I can't even remember how I found it when scrolling through YouTube last Sunday but all I know is that I listened to it four times on the first day and the novelty didn't wear off, three times on Monday and by the rest of the week I wasn't feeling too upset anymore but even on Friday, when humming it on the corridors at 8.45am in the morning I almost broke into tears like pull yourself together Grace you eejit. Listen to Alt-J, they said. It will be fun, they said. You'll have an emotional breakdown, they never said ! It is such a beautiful song anyway and so are the harmonies, I do realise I am a bit late on the whole Alt-J thing but hey, better late than never ! Please give it a listen if you haven't already - it never gets old !

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat : This is a little throwback Thursday even though it's not a Thursday, but I loved this song so so much when I was younger and still do so obviously when I was listening to Kaiser Chiefs during the week and clicked on this song, I kind of freaked out. Basically if you're in an angry mood or just want to cheered up, just listen to Kaiser Chiefs because I just get rid of all my anger by listening to them, it just feels like someone's ranting for me !

So that is just a few of the songs I adored this month and I also I filmed a video on my YouTube channel which you can watch above. I really love doing these posts and rambling about music so hopefully they'll become a monthly occurrence as long as I remember, which is likely !

Grace x 


  1. I completely agree with you about Breezeblocks by alt-J. It has to be one of my favourite songs ever. Lorde's version of All Apologies is insane too. My most recent post is a playlist I've created - check it out if you'd like! xxx

    1. It's so beautiful ! And I'll check it out now :D

  2. Lovely post, Grace! I'll have to check some of those songs out. x

  3. Alt J are one of my favourite bands x


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