Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Stay Out

H&M top | skirt from local shop | coat and beaded necklace from New Look I think | choker is my mam's | Tesco boots
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Today is March 17th otherwise known as St Patrick's Day otherwise known as a day which year on year causes a lot of anxiety and stress for me as I just really can't cope with being around large groups of people but today I managed to last the entire afternoon and not feel anxious until I got home - Achievements ! The day consisted of everyone being absolutely coated in silly string, my friend having her seriously camera with her, and not watching the parade at all. And food, of course. Lots of food. And selfie taking, but please note that I can't selfie so I'm just like derp face or overenthusiastic smile, be grand. We also came to the conclusion that none of us were dressed patriotically as a result of everyone being dressed in either black or blue because what is colour ? I chalked green all over most of the front of my hair so now after attempting to wash it out, you can only see it on the bleach if you look in the wrong lighting ! Anyway, between the green hair, dark lipstick and grey coat, I probably looked like some stereotypical evil female character from a horror film. But I don't think I scared any little children on my own so it's all good !

So it was a probably one of the better St. Patrick's Day - plus it didn't rain - before the aftermath of panic panic panic which I don't really mind writing about on here, but yesterday marked three years since we took Plum home from the mini farm ! If you've been reading Dainty Sprinkles since 2012 - questioning how and why if you have, congratulations - you'll know that I originally got Plum with Midnight, except Midnight turned out to be male and happened to be acting a little naughty so we sadly had to bring him back to the mini farm and there, we brought home Truffle ! In the past year I really haven't been going outside to play with them or to help clean out the house enough so I am vowing to go outside to them more often from now - cue annual rabbit house selfie with Plum like last year and the year before. She is slightly camera shy this year compared to the previous two and now I realise that I may begin this kind of thing with Truffle too !

I hope you had a brilliant day and I'll talk to you soon !

Grace x 


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