Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Playlist

As another month ends, another monthly playlist post appears online and this month, it's a little longer since it is getting to the time of year where I really enjoy listening to chart music. Call me a hipster or whatever phrase is used for that kind of thing, but in my opinion anyway, chart music is at it's best during the weeks approaching summer and the month of October so I'm practically having a field day listening to the radio lately and will try not to ramble on about my favourite songs for as long as I usually do - I will make a genuine attempt this time, I swear ! 

The 1975 - You : I basically spent the Easter Holidays listening to The 1975's album and all the songs are all so different yet every one of them make me feel very calm so when stressed, this is what I listen to ! 'You' is one of my favourite songs, it kind of fits any mood and also, it reminds me of a song - that I'm still yet to identify - from when I was younger !

Passion Pit - Carried Away : I genuinely do not know how I haven't discovered Passion Pit before now, but one evening, I heard this song on the radio plus I remembered it from a lookbook I once watched about two years ago so I just had to look it up ! All their songs are kind of similar in the way that they always bring a smile to my face and lift my mood so just listen to their music, seriously ! 

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine : This song is brilliant and can we have a moment to appreciate the even better music video ? It's a pretty good song just to air guitar or air drum along to the music video or in my case, sing badly and it's just brilliant ! I still am not one hundred percent keen on the Arctic Monkeys but I have been loving this, Arabella and Snap Out Of It. 

Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth - See You Again : I couldn't leave this song out since after observing friends cry listening to this song, hear people talk of how they've cried listening to this song and then not actually crying listening to the song, myself, but still feeling extremely moved and it's such a gorgeous song, you can't really not mention it. 

Kygo ft. Parson James - Stole The Show : Someone looked up this song on YouTube during a free Irish class last Friday and surprisingly, since I generally don't listen to this kind of music, I immediately loved it ! It is one of those songs that always come out during the span of time approaching summer and of course, reminds me that the end of the school year is approaching ! It has such a nice tone to it, I adore the song !

Hudson Taylor - World Without You : Hudson Taylor's music is so beautiful and I haven't heard any of their stuff played on the radio in a good while so I had to include 'World Without You' in this month's playlist ! Again, such a gorgeous song, I am running out of adjectives to the point where the thesaurus is even failing to assist me. 

The Academic - Different : This is such an amazing song, I can't describe how many different happy emotions I feel all at once when I listen to it and I really want to write all this in cap locks except then this post will look really untidy ! I can't help but smile and spin in circles when I listen to this song and what's better is that the band is Irish so I'm just here like "yass, decent Irish music, not all hope lost !"

Urban Cone - Weekends : Finally, I discovered this band over the weekend, again not what I would usually listen to but this song is just great and it just gives off such exciting vibes as if it's building up to something which makes sense considering the title. 

So there is an extremely short playlist ramble compared to my usual ones, but hey, it's a school night and it's almost 10pm and I have a history test tomorrow ! 

Until the weekend,

Grace x 


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