Sunday, 19 April 2015

Blue Toned

Penneys top, jelly shoes and tights | New Look velvet skirt 

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I spent the first half of this weekend visiting Nanny in Dublin so whilst there, I had a look around the stores which are generally larger than the ones down here in the South East and first, I got hyper in Claire's because sparkly pink fairy wand, lace chokers and cute rings - none of which I bought, may I add, but nevertheless I was ecstatic and then when we got to the huge Penneys I practically screamed "MY FAITH IN THIS SHOP IS RESTORED" because I found so much cute clothes which I actually feel comfortable wearing ! One, being the sparkly silver jelly shoes I am wearing in the photos above. I spent half of summer 2014 looking for a pair of heeled jelly shoes and every clothing shop ever always seemed to be out of my size so I really didn't complain when I had to jump up and down to reach the only pair in my size at the back of the top rack ! They also had them in black and sparkly pink but I felt that the silver glitter might have been obnoxious enough for one day ! I'm obviously going to wear these all summer until they fall apart, no matter how tacky they may look walking down the main street, they are comfortable and they make me feel like a majestic unicorn or some magical creature who does not care all too much ! I also found a tank top and two "gypsy tops" which I prefer to call off-the-shoulder tops, they're really not appropriately named by the shops, but anyway, although I'm still unsure as to whether the style suits me or not, this rose print one is so beautiful and I thought it would look fitting with my velvet skirt which brings a different vibe to the entire outfit plus I can pretend that I'm at Coachella or a twenty first century Woodstock - just in a more temperate climate !

Normal classes are resuming tomorrow and I am way too tired and lacking in energy to function - it is a wonder that I finished my English homework, the only reason probably being that it was on a topic, gender equality, that I actually have an interest in and so I just kept telling myself that it wasn't homework and that I wanted to do it. Portfolio is also due this week and I've never been so happy that I chose to do blogposts throughout the year since for once, the only aspect I'm cramming is the photo album and even then, sticking photos in an album is more tiring and repetitive than anything else so I cannot really complain !

Grace x


  1. Aghhh I love the off the shoulder tops too, ( I also prefer calling them that). I actually went shopping a few weeks ago and got a few but never seen these little rose ones ( My new excuse now to return to pennys ahah) . Defo need to get myself *another* one ;). I also think they really suit you and I love how you styled them with the jelly shoes ! x

    Caitriona | Blog

    1. Yea same - I've only seen the rose ones in store up in Dublin ! More excuses to go Penneys ahahha

  2. I tend to go a little crazy in Claires, too. There is so much to look at! Gorgeous outfit! I just love those shoes :)


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