Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hear me Screaming

Vest top sent out to me* | New Look hoodie and denim shorts | Penneys tights | Tesco hat and boots
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About a week ago, I was sent out this amazing vest top - thank you so much, I'm very grateful - to do with the film The DUFF which is in cinemas right now ! Unfortunately, I have not got around to seeing the film yet which is supposed to be quite different from the book it is based on, but from reading the book and hearing about the film, I think the themes and stories that run through both are brilliant and a lot can be learnt from it. Some themes in the book I didn't really enjoy and found a bit boring after a while but I really loved how Bianca's - the main character - image of herself and confidence dropped because of one thing she was told yet was lifted by the end of the book. I have a feeling I might enjoy the film adaption more, which is quite unusual, but I do prefer what I've heard about the storyline.

I was thinking of what to wear with this top for this post -it would be brilliant over my floral maxi dress or with a black skirt - but in the end, I wore it with my pair of denim shorts and rushed out to take photos before going to the beach with friends - post coming during the week ! This brown hoodie and pair of shorts have kind of become my 'beach attire' and although they could be a pain in the neck when wearing tights like I did for anyone who wanted to go near the water (definitely not me !) and in the past have sometimes made me feel body conscious, I've been practically living in shorts recently and they make me feel so confident, I don't even know why and they are way more comfortable when going places such as this and it's so easy to get sand or grass stains out of them, unlike my velvet skirts or material shorts so I'm just here like 'win win'. The day was probably one of the warmest so far this year and the sun would burn you so mam and I found three massive hats and this one was my favourite so we bought it and it's the perfect kind of big hat I've been wanting for ages ! The want became a bit of an almost-need after seeing Violet's amazing bowler hat in the first episode of American Horror Story so I'm content with this hat - and it';s good for hiding under when you don't want to have to participate in social interaction ! And forgetting the most important use, yes, it did protect my head from the sun.

School returns tomorrow and considering it's the final term and I only have workshops for the week (essentially no classes.), I'm not looking forward to it as much as I usually would but I will probably be in better spirits once I adjust to the 6.30am beginnings again !

Grace x 


  1. Can I have your wardrobe? And your face?
    I saw the Duff without knowing much about it as I didn't read the book, but it was really good!! xx

    1. Awh Jane - Can I have yours then :P ? And you have good taste so I'm taking your word !


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