Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Peach and Pale | A Makeup Look

Over the past week or two, I have found myself wearing less and less makeup - to the point that I haven't used heavy purple eye shadows since I went out for my birthday - and particularly with my hair being cut, my face looking fresh - I sound like a 'hipster' but I swear I mean, another adjective for 'natural' - appeals to me more than spending endless time fussing over different shades of dark shades of eye shadow and the noticeable reduction in time spent getting ready is brilliant and far less stressful. In saying all that, I still wear berry lipstick most days and I'll probably returned to my beloved deep eye shadows soon enough but for now, I'm really enjoying this change of look so I thought I'd share it on here ! 

1. First I do the usual by applying concealer as a base all over my lids, crease and inner corners. I then use the eye shadow shade closest to my skin pigment and apply it to my lids and crease. 

2. Next, I used the third shade in the palette and applied it to my crease and outer lids. To give the look a little bit of dimension, I blended the fourth and seventh shades and blended the result over my outer corners. 

3. After brushing my eyebrows and filling in the ends of them with pencil, I brushed the fourth and seventh shades together through my brows as I thought that they would create a lighter look, but the result was really only more red toned brows ! 

4. Finishing the eye makeup, I wore mascara and applied a very thin line of eyeliner and winged it out. 

5. Finally, for lips - my favourite step ! I used a slightly light brown-peachy shade of lip pencil to line my lips and gently blended it towards the centre. To finish this, I applied a lipstick in a lighter shade ! And the look is complete !

A kind of short post today but I hope you enjoyed it anyway ! 

Grace x 


  1. I love this makeup look. It is very pretty & simple ♡♥


  2. Love this look! That lip colour is gorgeous :)


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