Sunday, 31 May 2015

May Playlist

Another month, another playlist ! The first half of the month up until around the time when I finished Transition Year went by so fast that I genuinely cannot distinguish between the end of April and the beginning of May, yet from there onwards, the rest of the month slowed up and it has dragged on, since I wake up every morning thinking that it's June only to realise that we are still in May ! I seem to think that I listened to a lot more music during the month of May than I actually did, but again that was probably me getting mixed up with April so here we go for May 2015 ! 

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven : A classmate mentioned Led Zeppelin one day and if anyone talks about music around me, depending on how they describe it, I will generally look it up when I get home and there's fifty percent chance that I will like it and that happened this time ! The intro to this song is so beautiful, I would play it over and over, except then the novelty would wear off. The whole song makes me feel so peaceful, the lyrics are genius and then you get to the end where it goes all mad and I'm just here like wow what happened this is brilliant because when do you find a song which makes you feel both calm and rapid at the same time ? Another song I've been loving is 'All of My Love' - mainly since the music in the verse sounds kind of eery to me in a strange way.

Warpaint - Love Is To Die : Hold your horses, people ! Deep breaths ! I have finally found a girl band that I like - not one like Girls Aloud (they're great but not a band bad.), I mean one that actually play instruments. I realise that that whole sentence sounds stupid as there are tons of girl bands out there but I feel like they're nowhere near as well known or popular as the male rock or alternative bands - nothing against them ! Anyway, another way that I find out about a lot of music is through Facebook and Warpaint popped up on my suggested pages tab thing so I felt compelled to look up their music, which turns out to be amazing ! This song is my favourite, mainly since it sounds so whimsical and relaxing ! I've also been loving listening to is 'Keep It Healthy' which makes me feel like I'm floating away from all my worries, as weird as that sounds ! 

Kodaline - The One : This is such a beautiful song, I can't describe the amount of emotions I feel listening to it ! Like a lot of people, I didn't really like Kodaline's new album, just from listening to bits of it online and hearing 'Honest' on the radio, but since listening to this song, it's all starting to grow on me ! I think this song is very like their music from In A Perfect World, it sounds more simple and almost stripped back in a way yet it's quite dramatic at times and I feel like thing's ending everything I listen to it, if that makes sense. Anyway, a gorgeous song with gorgeous lyrics, gorgeous melody and gorgeous everything - Yes, I am deliberately using the word 'gorgeous' over and over, you are welcome.

Arctic Monkeys - Stop the World I Wanna Get Off With You : This song reminds me a lot of around this time two weeks ago and it's just another brilliant song, just this time with a mouthful of a title ! I only remembered this evening that this isn't even on the AM album so I sound like a right twat describing this in the video below but still, Aveen wasn't happy with me last month for saying that I wasn't 100% sold on Arctic Monkeys so I'm saying this time that I am getting there - 98% ! I honestly don't know why this isn't on that album because the lyrics, especially are amazing and everything just gels so well together ! I've also been loving 'I Wanna Be Yours' which is so slow and mysterious, it sounds like it's from some old film ! Only thing is that I gave into the YouTube comments which suggested to speed up the song by 2x - don't do it people, the sped-up version is still stuck in my head and I'm just like no please leave my brain, thanks. 'Knee Socks' is also a brilliant song which is still growing on me, yet at the same time I love it !

Robin Schulz ft. Ilsey - Headlights : This song has been playing quite a lot on the radio for the past ten days now and I only learned that it was Robin Schulz today ! They always tend to play these kind of songs at this time of year and they're honestly some of my favourites to listen to again and again, they just kind of scream every description of 'summer holidays' for me, it just makes me feel ready to go ! The music video for this is also quite cool - it is slightly weird at times, but the whole location of it and the way that it's all dried up and how nothing in it is what you would normally expect is what I really love.

Of Monsters and Men - Crystals : I can't believe that I forgot to mention this one in the video, but this song just gives me such a sense of hope and the belief that everything will work out the way it should in the end because nothing can stay awful forever - hence why I love the lyrics, especially the line "Because nothing grows when it is dark". It's such a bright song and the music video makes me feel even more cheerful, basically the entire album that it's from, is just majestic ! 

Satellite Stores - A Great Escape : This band is up in my top five and I listened to their stuff for most of Transition Year with the only exception that it can get slightly repetitive and I also don't really like the new album yet but putting all this aside, I somehow discovered this song from their album Pine Trails the other day and I am still wondering how I haven't listened to it properly before now ! From my perspective just listening to it, it sounds so different from a lot of their other songs so it's kind of refreshing in away and it's very free flowing and relaxing anyway ! 

Twenty One Pilots - Tear In My Heart : This song makes me feel so so unbelievably happy, I haven't really came across one like it since March ! Someone told me about Twenty One Pilots last week - I can't remember who so I'll just thank the screen instead - but then the latest album was being raved about in an AyyDubs vlog that I was watching last night or this morning so I looked them up again and I fell in love with this song ! The beginning of it really reminds me of New Politics' music but the rest could be compared to the enthusiasm you feel from American Authors' songs ! It's just such an uplifting and perky song - I feel better already from just listening to it !

So that was my May Playlist and I hope you enjoyed reading my never ending rambles ! I love finding new music to listen to so leave your favourite songs of the month down in the comments !

Grace x 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Round Coral

TK Maxx leather jacket | Penneys top and tights | New Look skirt | Tesco boots
Currently playing : Crystals | A Great Escape 

I am pretty sure I've already told this story once or twice on here, but I am currently handbag-less after the whole incident with me thinking I'm all adventurous climbing rocks - making this story even funnier, they weren't even going up, only across - and then the strap my beloved Penneys bag breaking over one and I'm still wondering how that even happened but anyway, the consequences of being bag-less are beginning to kick in so today I succumbed and wore my haversack, in order to stash half my life into one small space, even though it made taking my wallet in and out a bit of a nightmare and a half. With that long essay over, I should probably start listening to my mam and go looking for a new handbag.

I'm actually becoming keen on the off-the-shoulder tops, once I tie them around the back and they become a little less all over the place and 'craaap I have to fix this up again'. The less clothes have to be fiddled with because they're either too loose or too uncomfortable, the better. Like why don't I just wear pajamas everywhere for the rest of my life ? Tights were also on sale for a euro the other day and another pair were needed so these were bought and they are honestly the most comfortable pair ever - they're so light, and basically non-existent, I feel as if I'm floating in the air or something ! In saying that, they resemble spider webs or weird nature things crawling everywhere so I can't observe them for long without feeling uncomfortable and I've just realised how 'odd' this entire paragraph sounds.

Grace x  

Saturday, 23 May 2015

With The Change

First of all, can we take a moment to gush about what an amazing and historic day it has been in Ireland ! Irish people are generally very modest and sometimes pessimistic, meaning that we are not going to be patriotic and go on and on about how brilliant our country is, in fact we will probably do the opposite and tell you how it is nothing special and there are better places to be. All can often be true but not today ! I have never seen so many Irish people express their pride and love towards their nationality and I have never felt so proud to be Irish. It's been all over International media, the world has been watching so just in case you've been snoozing under a rock, today it was announced that yesterday, Ireland voted yes for marriage equality meaning that same sex couples have the right to marry each other ! Ireland is the first country on the planet to passed marriage equality by popular vote so it is a huge deal for our country and it does show that thankfully, times and attitudes are truly changing. It was also the biggest turn out for a referendum ever and I really hope that people take something from this and exercise their right to vote again in future referendums and elections.

If the photos didn't tell a story, well my hair's a little different. Y'know, not much, only a semi-permanent colour for the next three months, that's all. My mam dyed my mane for me yesterday after reluctantly agreeing to let me have the colour purple dominate my entire head of hair ! As I did not use bleach, it did turn out a slightly different colour of more wine or pink and my initial reactions of confusion probably worried my mam - sorry, oops - but now, I am so so happy with the results ! It is brighter in some places, such as the frizzy strands at the front of my mane which are naturally blonde and the ends which were bleached until they were dyed over last summer but as a whole and my roots are quite dark anyway so it appears more like a tint on my head ! The whole colour feels right though and it's given me a whole new air of confidence which was quite needed !

So there we go. I'm a very content pink grape head and I've just uploaded my first YouTube video in probably over a month !

Grace x 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

No Colour Day

TX Maxx Leather jacket | Penneys skirt | New Look skirt | Penneys skirt | Tesco boots

So on the first day of my summer holidays, I definitely went all out with the wearing plenty of colour kind of the thing, because wow we are having so much beautiful summer weather ! No, not at all. Ignoring the lack of brightness, one of my favourite ways to put together an outfit is wearing a number of different textures, generally all in the same colour - in this case, black. If you hadn't noticed, this velvet skirt is my baby and kind of go-to piece so it basically goes well with anything and the whole velvet thing going on takes away any plainness. I've also both wanted and needed a lighter jacket for the summertime for god knows how long so I was doing leaps of joy in my head teh other day when my mam came home with a leather jacket ! Besides the fact that my phone won't fit into the tiny pockets, meaning that I am probably going to have to find a handbag at some stage, it is so comfy and goes with everything in my wardrobe, which has resulted in a daily TY hoodie or leather jacket scenario. Option two has won the past two days. It's also not warm enough yet to wear my boots and sparkly shoes without socks so I have forced myself back into tights until the sunshine decides to make an appearance - there was a quick hello this afternoon.

In other news, it is the second day of my summer holidays which were supposed to be an escape route from the week of hell and condemnation but all it's left me in is a complete state of paranoia and boredom. It is an effort to get up in the morning and it's got to stage where my decision to cut practically everyone out for the summer is beginning to bother me as I am doing absolutely nothing both online and offline. On a side note, none of this paragraph is sarcasm or exaggeration and I'm not asking for pity, I just feel that I shouldn't be afraid to be honest on here and I'm not in the state to apologise for being negative !

I'll try be in better spirits whenever next time is,

Grace x 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


We haven't done a lot of work in class over the past week and the teachers tell you to 'do your own thing' for the next forty minutes which is all fun and games until none of your friends nor your pens (for the record, they also count as friends.) have turned up to class so you end up beating your high score on Zig Zag twice and sending long paragraphs of text to your mam to explain your boredom. If your friends do show up for class, you end up either bursting the teacher's or your own eardrum and that's an entirely different story altogether.

Outside of class, the final full week was very fun ! TY hoodies came on Tuesday morning and it felt like Christmas - I'm not even exaggerating here, it felt like Santa Claus had came ! Of course, I had 'unicorn queen' on the back of mine as I really couldn't think of anything else that was in any way creative and all my friends had brilliant names for their hoodies so I was like "I'M DOING THIS ! BE GRAND !" Fast-forward to Friday, a brilliant day not because it was the weekend, but because we were going to a restaurant for a Japanese buffet ! The food was so beautiful, I don't think any meal out could match it and bar the sushi which I unfortunately did not enjoy stuffing in, I adored everything we ate - including the ice cream which we ate with chopsticks for our challenge ! Afterwards, we returned to school for lunch break where a friendship week event was taking place in the quad and everyone looked so happy with their face paint on, getting in photos with their friends - all for a lollipop of course - it was lovely to watch !

I know I've included a lot of events that have taken place outside of school in my portfolio, but I do think it's important to cover all aspects of how Transition Year has changed me, as in the way that I'm more confident in social situations and have met so many amazing people, one of whom is Nina who is only here for six months and returns to Austria next week. She was really brightened up everyone's year so on Saturday we had a surprise farewell party for her and seeing her reaction to the whole surprise was the best, it was brilliant to see everything go to plan ! 

So this evening, we finish up for the summer ! Really though, I don't find myself in anyway upset that Transition Year is coming to an end, which is strange since I generally tend to become very easily emotional over these things ! I think though this is because I look back over the year and genuinely wish to change nothing and feel that I have acclomplished all my goals I never thought I'd achieve and also that I've left no blank pages, if we are to be metaphorical here. I'm basically saying, that if I had a TY bucket list, there would be a strange event where everything was ticked off and because of that I feel that I'm settled now with the year since I know that there is no more I can do !

It's kind of weird that there are going to be parents and teachers reading this in less than a half an hour and I apologise that you'll have to read backwards but I really hope you do enjoy // have enjoyed reading my adventures through Transition Year and I'm also hoping that I haven't been too sarcastic or blunt in my writing ! 

Thanks to everyone who made this year brilliant - teachers or year heads, classmates, etc. ! 


Friday, 15 May 2015

Paper Crown Making !


Two years ago, I cut a paper crown out of Rookie Yearbook One and wore it religiously during one of my many short-lived "Imma be a goth" phases - like here - and I've been meaning to make one of my own ever since and this day last week I had lost the group birthday badge as well as having no present for my friend Laura the Gingey Queen so I made her a Birthday Queen hat, which you can see here. In addition to this, I really want to start doing posts on what are DIYs to me but probably Junior Infants art classwork to the rest of you so this is a great place to start and I've also been loving Jacky of Do It For The Irony's #MayMakers series so this is kind of my teeny little contribution to the trend !

Like I said, a DIY to me is probably playschool artwork to the rest of you and these paper crowns are relatively easy to make so I probably shouldn't call this a tutorial but you will need

Paper - any colour, any kind, newspaper, card, it is up to you // Pencil // Colours - markers, watercolours, crayons, any medium really // Scissors // Sellotape

☆ First, you want to work out how much paper you are going to need, depending on how large or small your head is - I'd recommend the length of two A4 sheets of paper landscape, it works for me and it worked for my friend and everyone who tried the crown on !

☆ Next, you're going to draw the 'template' - ooh, fancy wording, yes - for the top on the town with your pencil and then, you're also going to use that pencil for drawing the outline of words on the crown and any doodles or decoration, you get the picture.

☆ For shading everything in, I did the background in watercolour as it created such a cute pastel effect and also, I didn't have to worry about markers drying up or acrylic causing a mess ! After this, I outlined the words in permanent markers and this time, left the centre blank.

☆ Finally I sellotaped the two pieces of paper together, cut out the outline of the crown and sellotaped it all together !

And that is all I did. A* in DIY's to me, please and thank you.

Grace x