Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Glitter Bomb

Dunnes denim jacket | can't remember where the white cardigan worn back to front is from | Penneys white tee worn underneath | New Look black skirt | think the necklace could be from Dunnes wow I'm such a help | Penneys tights and shoes | Bracelet bought in a health shop
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Yesterday, I took advantage of the bank holiday weekend and actually left the house to be sociable with people my own age - something I've admittedly been avoiding since Easter - and go to see Avengers : Age of Ultron with my friends, most of whom had already seen the film and are all mad into all this kind of stuff ! So unlike my friends, I had actually never seen a Marvel film before, except maybe something to do with the Hulk when I was younger, so I wasn't sure whether I was even going to like it that much plus poor concentration span never really helps but not only did I not doze off once, I actually really enjoyed the film which was brilliant - all the battle scenes and everything are amazing, like holy crap !

So anyway, in order to be sociable, I obviously had to get off my laptop and out of my pajamas - what a weird word which I did not know how to spell until tonight, it looks very funny, okay shut up now, Grace - so I went all monochrome and denim again because originality, wow, do you hear the sarcasm through my voice ! I really love wearing these colours and textures together though, regardless of how 'basic' the combination is, I just think it is a classic 'go to' option and never looks awful ! My denim jacket is the perfect medium between too heavy or too light, it's seriously perfect for this time of year and also, it doesn't feel all bulky and uncomfortable under my coat so it is basically the best thing ever until I find a better jacket. And then of course, have to give a special mention to my sparkly shoes as always. They look a tad bit naff with the black tights but every time I wear them everyone's just like "YOUR SHOES" and I just stand there like is this a good or bad thing // I should have worn my normal boots // okay I'm a sparkly unicorn that's all g then. They're slightly uncomfortable to walk in at my normal pace - speed walk - but they survived the walk to the cinema without prompting me to fall over or do something stupid so they appear to be a slight miracle !

Grace x 


  1. So glad you took the excuse to be social! I am glad that you liked the movie. I haven't seen it yet but I will soon! Love your nails. They are gorgeous :)


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