Saturday, 9 May 2015

I Do Actually Wear Colours

Penneys tee | cardigan used to be my mam's | Topshop skirt | Penneys tights | Tesco boots | New Look necklace 
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Today was a pretty good day, mainly since the weather was gorgeous compared to the past week or so and I managed to find clothes and makeup (sorry mammy !) and get food out in town before what I would describe as 'peak hour'. Basically the time around 3pm - or 2pm in my friends and I's case - onwards when half the adolescent population of the town and it's surroundings come out in full force and I end up just hiding from everyone. Brownie points if it's Tesco. Especially Tesco, as in the place I'd compare to the water in a desert where the animals go to gather, it's my idea of a nightmare so we avoid that place at all costs. 

So like I said, today was warmer, although still not nice enough to trek out without a jacket so I managed to survive the morning and afternoon by wearing my warm cardigan over the cutest strawberry tee ever which I haven't worn in ages and seriously need to get more use out of this summer ! My burgundy skirt is quite short and made of very light material and again, I'm really not up to catching a cold at this stage of the year so boom ! in come the tights. I generally cannot stand nylon tights as they make feel nauseous, but I've been tolerating them this spring as the summer months approach so that I'm not melting in wool ! Today must have been the day of wearing things that have been neglected for quite a while since I also wore one of my favourite necklaces which has been sitting on my dresser for way too long now and I've been loving the idea of shorter necklaces and chains so it made perfect sense to wear this to finish off the outfit. I really love all these colours - I spend half the time being like YES I WANT TO WEAR BURGUNDY AND GREY AND BROWNS ALL DAY and the other half I sit there staring at Tumblr going K FROM NOW ON I AM WEARING ALL PASTEL BECAUSE KAWAII DESU so you know, it's going to turn out difficult to pair up those colour types since they're kind of the opposite to each other (no shit sherlock, yes I know.) !

In other news, Monday marks the beginning of the last full week of Transition Year and after that we've only the next Monday and Tuesday. Typical thing of me to say, but I'd swear the academic year is going by faster year on year and I still feel that we're only a month or two into TY ! Hopefully, the longer summer holiday will encourage me to blog more and be extra creative with my ideas so here's looking forward to that in another ten days,

Grace x


  1. You're so lucky that you're finishing up so early!! By the way, your eyelashes are so long omg! xx

    1. ahaha perks of being a TY :D and thank you I've never noticed :O ! xx


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