Thursday, 21 May 2015

No Colour Day

TX Maxx Leather jacket | Penneys skirt | New Look skirt | Penneys skirt | Tesco boots

So on the first day of my summer holidays, I definitely went all out with the wearing plenty of colour kind of the thing, because wow we are having so much beautiful summer weather ! No, not at all. Ignoring the lack of brightness, one of my favourite ways to put together an outfit is wearing a number of different textures, generally all in the same colour - in this case, black. If you hadn't noticed, this velvet skirt is my baby and kind of go-to piece so it basically goes well with anything and the whole velvet thing going on takes away any plainness. I've also both wanted and needed a lighter jacket for the summertime for god knows how long so I was doing leaps of joy in my head teh other day when my mam came home with a leather jacket ! Besides the fact that my phone won't fit into the tiny pockets, meaning that I am probably going to have to find a handbag at some stage, it is so comfy and goes with everything in my wardrobe, which has resulted in a daily TY hoodie or leather jacket scenario. Option two has won the past two days. It's also not warm enough yet to wear my boots and sparkly shoes without socks so I have forced myself back into tights until the sunshine decides to make an appearance - there was a quick hello this afternoon.

In other news, it is the second day of my summer holidays which were supposed to be an escape route from the week of hell and condemnation but all it's left me in is a complete state of paranoia and boredom. It is an effort to get up in the morning and it's got to stage where my decision to cut practically everyone out for the summer is beginning to bother me as I am doing absolutely nothing both online and offline. On a side note, none of this paragraph is sarcasm or exaggeration and I'm not asking for pity, I just feel that I shouldn't be afraid to be honest on here and I'm not in the state to apologise for being negative !

I'll try be in better spirits whenever next time is,

Grace x 


  1. Love your leather Jacket Grace. I hope the weather starts to pick up after the leaving cert !. I need some sunshine ahah Hope your doing okay :)

    Caitriona | Blog

    1. Thanks Caitriona :D and best of luck in the LC ! Fingers crossed the sunshine will come ahaha and I'm doing okay right now thanks :) hope you're well too !

  2. I love the velvet skirt, it really suits you! x


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