Friday, 15 May 2015

Paper Crown Making !


Two years ago, I cut a paper crown out of Rookie Yearbook One and wore it religiously during one of my many short-lived "Imma be a goth" phases - like here - and I've been meaning to make one of my own ever since and this day last week I had lost the group birthday badge as well as having no present for my friend Laura the Gingey Queen so I made her a Birthday Queen hat, which you can see here. In addition to this, I really want to start doing posts on what are DIYs to me but probably Junior Infants art classwork to the rest of you so this is a great place to start and I've also been loving Jacky of Do It For The Irony's #MayMakers series so this is kind of my teeny little contribution to the trend !

Like I said, a DIY to me is probably playschool artwork to the rest of you and these paper crowns are relatively easy to make so I probably shouldn't call this a tutorial but you will need

Paper - any colour, any kind, newspaper, card, it is up to you // Pencil // Colours - markers, watercolours, crayons, any medium really // Scissors // Sellotape

☆ First, you want to work out how much paper you are going to need, depending on how large or small your head is - I'd recommend the length of two A4 sheets of paper landscape, it works for me and it worked for my friend and everyone who tried the crown on !

☆ Next, you're going to draw the 'template' - ooh, fancy wording, yes - for the top on the town with your pencil and then, you're also going to use that pencil for drawing the outline of words on the crown and any doodles or decoration, you get the picture.

☆ For shading everything in, I did the background in watercolour as it created such a cute pastel effect and also, I didn't have to worry about markers drying up or acrylic causing a mess ! After this, I outlined the words in permanent markers and this time, left the centre blank.

☆ Finally I sellotaped the two pieces of paper together, cut out the outline of the crown and sellotaped it all together !

And that is all I did. A* in DIY's to me, please and thank you.

Grace x 


  1. The paper crowns are soo sweet :) it remember me at my childhood and of course the birthdays.Nevertheless I hasn't forgot the crows from burger King. I know that's silly but when I was little, everything got such a crown There. In these years you really felt like a princess With that crown. I think this diy is a good idea to jump a little bit in the past at the next birthday. I Think I'll make with the help from your instruction a few crowns. :)
    Have a nice week end.

    1. Awh that's so cool - the Burger King crowns are the best ! And yass :D thanks so much for your comment, hope you have a lovely weekend too xx

  2. That is so so cute! I love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. Featured this on DIFTI! Check it out below :)


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