Thursday, 28 May 2015

Round Coral

TK Maxx leather jacket | Penneys top and tights | New Look skirt | Tesco boots
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I am pretty sure I've already told this story once or twice on here, but I am currently handbag-less after the whole incident with me thinking I'm all adventurous climbing rocks - making this story even funnier, they weren't even going up, only across - and then the strap my beloved Penneys bag breaking over one and I'm still wondering how that even happened but anyway, the consequences of being bag-less are beginning to kick in so today I succumbed and wore my haversack, in order to stash half my life into one small space, even though it made taking my wallet in and out a bit of a nightmare and a half. With that long essay over, I should probably start listening to my mam and go looking for a new handbag.

I'm actually becoming keen on the off-the-shoulder tops, once I tie them around the back and they become a little less all over the place and 'craaap I have to fix this up again'. The less clothes have to be fiddled with because they're either too loose or too uncomfortable, the better. Like why don't I just wear pajamas everywhere for the rest of my life ? Tights were also on sale for a euro the other day and another pair were needed so these were bought and they are honestly the most comfortable pair ever - they're so light, and basically non-existent, I feel as if I'm floating in the air or something ! In saying that, they resemble spider webs or weird nature things crawling everywhere so I can't observe them for long without feeling uncomfortable and I've just realised how 'odd' this entire paragraph sounds.

Grace x  

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