Tuesday, 19 May 2015


We haven't done a lot of work in class over the past week and the teachers tell you to 'do your own thing' for the next forty minutes which is all fun and games until none of your friends nor your pens (for the record, they also count as friends.) have turned up to class so you end up beating your high score on Zig Zag twice and sending long paragraphs of text to your mam to explain your boredom. If your friends do show up for class, you end up either bursting the teacher's or your own eardrum and that's an entirely different story altogether.

Outside of class, the final full week was very fun ! TY hoodies came on Tuesday morning and it felt like Christmas - I'm not even exaggerating here, it felt like Santa Claus had came ! Of course, I had 'unicorn queen' on the back of mine as I really couldn't think of anything else that was in any way creative and all my friends had brilliant names for their hoodies so I was like "I'M DOING THIS ! BE GRAND !" Fast-forward to Friday, a brilliant day not because it was the weekend, but because we were going to a restaurant for a Japanese buffet ! The food was so beautiful, I don't think any meal out could match it and bar the sushi which I unfortunately did not enjoy stuffing in, I adored everything we ate - including the ice cream which we ate with chopsticks for our challenge ! Afterwards, we returned to school for lunch break where a friendship week event was taking place in the quad and everyone looked so happy with their face paint on, getting in photos with their friends - all for a lollipop of course - it was lovely to watch !

I know I've included a lot of events that have taken place outside of school in my portfolio, but I do think it's important to cover all aspects of how Transition Year has changed me, as in the way that I'm more confident in social situations and have met so many amazing people, one of whom is Nina who is only here for six months and returns to Austria next week. She was really brightened up everyone's year so on Saturday we had a surprise farewell party for her and seeing her reaction to the whole surprise was the best, it was brilliant to see everything go to plan ! 

So this evening, we finish up for the summer ! Really though, I don't find myself in anyway upset that Transition Year is coming to an end, which is strange since I generally tend to become very easily emotional over these things ! I think though this is because I look back over the year and genuinely wish to change nothing and feel that I have acclomplished all my goals I never thought I'd achieve and also that I've left no blank pages, if we are to be metaphorical here. I'm basically saying, that if I had a TY bucket list, there would be a strange event where everything was ticked off and because of that I feel that I'm settled now with the year since I know that there is no more I can do !

It's kind of weird that there are going to be parents and teachers reading this in less than a half an hour and I apologise that you'll have to read backwards but I really hope you do enjoy // have enjoyed reading my adventures through Transition Year and I'm also hoping that I haven't been too sarcastic or blunt in my writing ! 

Thanks to everyone who made this year brilliant - teachers or year heads, classmates, etc. ! 



  1. Cute pictures, thanks for sharing! :)

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  2. It makes me happy that you find ways to have fun in between all of the work. Love the hoodies you guys wore :)

    1. Thanks so much ! They're brilliant ahhh :D


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