Monday, 8 June 2015


Playlist for a mixture of negative feelings
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So I began to see people as glass.
They were transparent once you stopped focusing on everything around them and you could see that they had two sides. 

And it really depended on which side you chose to look from, which angle and which corner because what you found on the other side all too often became distorted. 

And it was great for the short period of time when everything was clear since the glass was new to you, but overtime, you would of course notice the additions of smudges, scratches and cracks. And you could complain to yourself and not understand about it for long enough until you grew to think of why they were there in the first place and accept it, even though it became slightly difficult to look through certain areas of glass.

And on the brightest of days, the glass was at it's most beautiful for the sunshine shone through the glass and the colours radiated from every angle and corner. 

And on the dullest days, the glass appeared grey and lifeless but dull days would only ever last as a dull day and even then you could see the light shining from different angles.

And the glass was easy to break. Either, it would crack through and through from mishandling overtime or you could smash it to the ground in a split second. And the glass could clash with and break other glass too. But when the stained, broken pieces of glass came together, they became a beautiful piece of art and the sunlight never stopped shining through. 

And the glass would never dissolve on the counter right in front of you, 
Just like the humans would never dissolve from memory.

I wrote that last night and I still don't know how I interpret it, myself.

Grace x


  1. Wow Grace that's very powerful - an amazing piece of English and so very true, love you xxx

  2. A very creative piece of writing, I love it! I feel as if it belongs in a John Green book or something.
    I really like the playlist too, I love 'You' by The 1975. It's the perfect chill-out song!

    1. Thanks so so much aaahh I'm squealing ! And yesss, their stuff is so relaxing - can't wait for their new album !


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