Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Playlist

This month we're doing things a little different with the playlist posts so that I am not rambling on for half a century although I'd love to hear which kind you prefer - ramble or summary. I've been listening to a lot more pop music this month - it's nice to change things up - so here is what music I've been listening to during June !

I watched a lot of Netflix during June and I always end up adoring half the background music in TV shows and films which is where I found my latest favourite song Point of Disgust by the band Low and it is such a beautiful song, I couldn't get it out of my head yesterday plus I've learned how to play it on my little keyboard - double celebrations ! Another song I discovered was You Can't Say No Forever by the Swedish group Lacrosse and it's so sweet, the singing isn't amazing at times - a bit silly - which is probably why I love it so much. 

I also fell in love with Years and Years this month ! King is a little overplayed on the radio but their songs Shine and Real but especially Take Shelter have been played on repeat on my phone. They're such boppy songs, a little different to what I'd usually listen to and now I really want to see them in the Olympia ! I've also been loving Alt J. I didn't think I'd ever love any of their songs as much as Breezeblocks but the voice and instruments in their songs gel so well together in all their other songs especially Something Good and Dissolve Me. All their songs have the same kind of pattern in a way and a month or so a video went viral of two eejits taking the p*ss out of their music, creating their own little parody whilst eating rice cakes - it's kind of the funniest thing ever so you can watch it here and never recover ever again. Worst thing is that I actually enjoyed it as a song.

This month the Foo Fighter's Greatest Hits CD has been played in the house, in the car and anywhere with a CD player really, to the point where we're in the car and my brother starts yelling Word Forward out the window but This Is A Call has been my favourite to listen to this month ! I've also been loving Fall Out Boy's music this month. All their music is extremely catchy but one song in particular that I haven't stopped listening to is Uma Thurman. Finally, since reading Jack Antonoff of Bleachers' interview with her in Teen Vogue, I've been listening to a lot of Charli XCX's music so I cannot get Famous out of my head - it is such a brilliant song and the music video is even greater ! 

So they are my favourite songs of June and I'd love to know what yours are,

Grace x 

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