Friday, 5 June 2015

Looking Through

Penneys cardigan and top and tights | Tesco hat and boots | skirt from local shop 

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For a change, I'm actually quite happy with today's content since it all kind of came together by chance, I decided to attempt slight photo editing, the words for the following paragraphs are flowing in my head and I'm listening to decent music while all this is happening. For someone surviving on three hours of sleep and caffeine, who also watched a film last night which re-alarmed the brain on Internet safety, I'm surprised how well this is going - touch wood, crossing fingers.

I've recently became really interested in photography again since watching these vlogs and spending an entire evening scrolling through this Instagram account, this one and oh, this one too. And I guess what can sometimes make blogging and social media in general off putting is the way that everyone generally only puts the best sides of their lives online, what makes them happy and their successes which can make a lot of people quite bitter for obvious reasons, and you could think of all those reasons when looking at the beautiful photographs on those Instagram accounts I mentioned but I like to think that the healthiest approach to those feelings is to enjoy the 'art' that is photography, remember that nobody ever has it plain sailing and find the happiness in those photos in your own life and be thankful for what you have. Anyway, the whole 'aesthetic' of these accounts have inspired me hugely and I really want to get back into experimenting with the settings and what not my now-zoom-less camera.

Photograph related, on Wednesday morning I woke up late to mam knocking on my window yelling that Truffle had gone missing and this time I genuinely thought we had lost her for good, she was nowhere to be seen and we presumed she had gone up the fields but I kept hoping and eventually she came back the way she left - goddamn, vegetable patch - and escaped again only to return once again. So now I am making amends by spending much more time outside with them and hopefully, learning how to hold both her and Plum in my arms by the end of summer. Yes, I do have my rabbits three years and yes, I cannot pick up either of them. Later on, I made an impulsive but not impulsive buy of a window marker ! I've been looking for these for months now and I can remember using them on my friends' bedroom window like ten years ago and even though they were extremely overpriced for something in a pound shop - two euro, what the heck - I bought the purple one, then took twenty four hours to work out how to use it properly, pushed out too much ink and then made one corner of my window all pretty and I really don't want to wipe it off, yay for being the proud owner of backwards handwriting skills ! I've more photos of it but maybe I'll put them all up in future when I draw more or something. Last night I slept over at a friend's house, her sleepovers are always the best and at one stage I was sitting on her stairs behind two of my friends and sorry but it looked so cool, the two of them sitting there, I felt compelled to take a photograph. I have a few other photos from the night but they shall be going on my bedroom wall rather than the Internet !

Outfit-wise, I've been looking for one of those ribbed halter neck cami tops for a while now except for a plain piece of material, they are usually quite overpriced but when Penneys get them in, that's when you feel like you've hit jackpot or something ! I already have a slightly similar one in black so the khaki colour was the next best and in my opinion anyway, the colour would look best with black jeans or a skirt or whatever you're into since I just felt that it didn't look very complete with the denim colour of the skirt until I put the cardigan or my jacket with it ! I felt like I was going to a festival in the outfit so I had to wear my floppy hat with it, even though it wasn't like the sun was splitting stones ! Note that this cardigan is honestly the most comfortable thing ever and I feel all bohemian in it, even though to a stranger, I just look like another 'hipster' wannabe, yes I just said it for you, you're welcome, bye now. I really love these kind of faded and sort of 'off' colours and how they clash with the boldness of the black, I just stand there like yass I've just achieved my ideal outfit, how did that even happen ?

Have a lovely weekend !

Grace x 


  1. I love your photography and outfit! x


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