Sunday, 28 June 2015


Last Thursday the 18th, mam and I spent a day of what I dislike most - travelling - in order to reach the beautiful destination of Sheffield in England ! Our first stop was my uncle's neighbour's house where nanny was staying. The house was so pretty - moment of appreciation for the electric piano in the kitchen - and my uncle's neighbour is one of the friendliest people ever and practically Superwoman - Thank you for letting me use your Internet on Friday ! We then went out for dinner at this cute little Italian restaurant which I unfortunately have no photos of and here we had the tastiest garlic bread and pizza that I'd had out in a long time. Final stop for the night was different neighbours of my uncle who were kindly letting mam and I stay the night. By the end of the next morning, I love love loved Sheffield bar the shite weather and rude waitresses we'd encountered in a pub-restaurant. After a lot of waiting around, we eventually got out to the cottages near where the wedding was taking place and the wait was well worth it once the vegetable and duck spring rolls came out of the oven ! The cottage we stayed in could be described in the same way as Sheffield - quaint with lots of character - I took a good few photographs, including the cat tea cosy which gave us a little fright at first since it looked very like the strange cat moping around outside the cottages, who eventually became World's Most Hated Cat or maybe just Britain's.

Saturday brought the wedding of my uncle and his now-wife ! The reception was held at this barn that a crazy amount of work had been put in to - mostly by the bride and groom ! Between the decoration of bunting and shopping bags on the wedding car, the amazing food - again, done by the bride and groom and the whole scenery, it was a gorgeous day ! Brownie points go to the actual brownies which were all gone before you could blink and also my adorable little cousin shouting out during the speeches. Note that I pick up accents pretty easily and at this stage, I'm trying not to speak in an English accent and feel strange speaking in an Irish one, like I might as well be in an episode of Miranda.

The next day could only be described as something similar to the day after Christmas. It was spent between the two other cottages, where a ridiculous amount of 'Four in a Bed' and 'Come Dine With Me' was watched and there was enough food and drink left over from the wedding to feed a nation - let alone an army ! I was in a food dream because there seemed to be baguettes everywhere I looked and all I ate was crisps ! Later on, I met the nicest chocolate fudge cake that I have ever eaten and the night was ended with sparklers, just like the night before !

On Monday morning, we said our goodbyes and set off on another day of travel. This time it was all much more pleasant - even the plane - but all I have to say is Manchester Airport, you need to sort out your unreliable WiFi problems ! It was kind of a miracle for Internet connection to even be suggested there in the first place since apparently in England, WiFi on public transport or anything like that is unheard of, unlike Ireland ! I adored England, Sheffield is one of the most beautiful places I've been too and it was nice to get out of the country, although it was nice to return home to dad and Evan in Ireland the Nation of Free Public WiFi, along with the potentially funny accent which I lost by the end of the bus journey and a cut on my middle finger - all just like Galway in October !

On a final note, I've been trying to post this off my phone all week but it never worked !

Grace x


  1. Can't get over how much your hair suits you Grace! Airports and their sketchy wifi will be the death of me :((

    1. Thanks so mOuch Kate :D and omigod it's just like PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER AIRPORT


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