Monday, 15 June 2015

Things Are Looking Up

First of all I'd like to acknowledge but not apologise for the fact that my last post may have came across as slightly negative in some sorts and this post could be perceived as similar but I like to see it as turning negatives into positives ! My weekend was quite difficult so 'keep calm and carry on' is quite a relevant quote right now and staring the outdoors is something that keeps me calm. I remember once when I was younger, being in quite a bad state and I sat on the floor of the same room that I am writing this post in right now and I'm pretty sure I just stared out the doors at the sky and nothing else for a good chunk of an hour and last year when studying for exams, I used to stare out my bedroom window at this tree with white flowers on it more than I stared at my books and then of course that tree was cut down but some of it is still left !

So yesterday evening when I went outside to feed the rabbits, I spent a good chunk of time standing on the back door step, staring at the sky so it got to the stage where my surroundings had entirely captivated me so I ran back inside to grab my phone and began taking photos of everything ! Considering that I only just bought a new memory card for my camera, I'm using my phone for taking photos quite a lot lately since I can upload them to Instagram quickly and when I'm out anywhere, I generally don't have my camera on me. I've been using the Instagram camera rather than the normal one on my phone for photos like this as I find the result is generally clearer, the colours are stronger and I can use the settings to slightly sharpen the photograph is needed. And I'm sure that I am not the only one who has observed that the sunsets, daisies and everything to do with the evenings in general outside are becoming prettier with every passing day !

10/10 recommend spending more time sitting on a back door step observing the outdoors - especially during the long evenings !

Grace x


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