Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Turn Away

Penneys top, cardigan and shoes | New Look shorts 
 Currently playing : Something Good | Not About Angels 

We Irish people can be very superstitious so we have this theory that when the Junior and Leaving cert students are sitting their exams, the sunshine comes out of hiding and the temperatures soar. Otherwise known as 'Leaving Cert weather' since it is a widespread expectation that the weather between the 3rd and 19th June - i.e duration of exams - will be glorious and if it is not, we blame the either exam students or the state examinations commission because who else ? Little culture lesson for you there. Anyway, the oul' LC weather's slowly been coming through and today it landed for once and for all so for the first day outside of school this year, the tights went away and I dressed appropriately for the weather !

I don't like to beat around the bush on here. I've been on summer holidays three weeks now and the only situation I can slightly compare it to is offering a little kid candy but then pulling it away just as the kid's about to take it. The only thing I've achieved is not having a single panic attack or meltdown, not self harming and actually leaving the house on a daily basis so really if anyone asks what my plans are for the rest of the summer is to just keep my head down and keeping coping ! So yes, I was dressing optimistically and I liked the slogan on this top "Today is going to be amazing" although now I reckon it's cursed but nevertheless, I also somehow convinced myself to wear a pair of shorts without tights and I'd swear these shorts feel more uncomfortable every time I wear them but they go with everything in my wardrobe so I'm just like warm day, here we go ! 


  1. Lovely post, such a cute outfit! Good luck with your exams :) and it's so great to hear how well you're doing too, I wish you all the best! x

    ellie etc | a fashion & lifestyle

    1. Thank you :D I'm not doing exams this year (thank god ahaha !) but I've a friend who is ! And you too xx


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