Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Playlist

The second last day of the month calls for another playlist ! I haven't been listening to as much music over the past thirty one days as I have in other months but the songs I did discover have been stuck in my head non-stop. Drum roll please for my July 2015 playlist, 

We're beginning with the first song Foundation on Years and Years' album Communion. I adore first songs of albums - when you encounter a good one, it is short and sweet with almost a magical vibe off it and sounds as if it is building up to something, quite climatic. Foundation does exactly that for me, Olly Alexander's flawless voice adds to the effect as does the synthesizers which create an almost eeriness in the best way possible ! Onto the next song on this playlist, we're discussing Anna Sun by Walk the Moon ! Walk the Moon's music is so fun and bouncy, you may have heard Different Colours in the Paper Towns trailer and Shut Up and Dance was number one in the Irish charts a couple of weeks back - all three are brilliant songs and perfect to listen to when your day is in need of brightening ! 

My next two favourites are both female-fronted bands which I love since practically everything I listen to is generally male bands - nothing wrong with that, but a little diversity in my playlists wouldn't hurt nobody ! We Are The In Crowd are my new favourite band, I cannot listen to enough of their music which makes me want to do silly air guitar or jump around and dance. Their music are so so catchy and I just cannot get enough of it - The Best Thing That Never Happened is a definite favourite of mine, it reminds me a lot of New Politics. The second band with an epic female lead singer that I've been listening to is Tonight Alive. I cannot get the song Lonely Girl out of my head, the sound is so powerful and the vocals are crazy amazing, like please give me your vocal range, thanks ! The band are seriously amazing and I cannot recommend them enough.

The next is probably my favourite song of the entire month - Trouble by Halsey. Halsey was all over my social media feeds at the start of the month so of course, I had to look her music up and so, Ghost plus the music video for it captivated me, just like everyone else, and then I found Trouble. This is such a beautiful, beautiful song, basically that song every month where I'm here typing "guys, I cried over this so much". Besides the fact that there's the most piano music accompanying the vocals - we won't discuss my dreadful attempts to learn that music - Halsey's voice would give you chills, it's that gorgeous. Another quite calming song that I've been listening to this month is Going To California by Led Zeppelin. It is basically the infamous relaxed California vibes mixed with folk mixed with a 1970's summer in a song, that's what is sounds like ! Again, it's such a chilled and laid back song and I always feel as if I'm in a car going somewhere when listening to the guitar and mandolin.

Last week, a friend recommended the band Basement to me and I've been loving their songs Covet and Whole ! Covet makes me feel so many things and the drums are crazy, it seriously creates the thrill throughout the song although it still sounds quite dark - in a good way -  and reminds me a lot of bands from the 90's. Whole is the type of song that puts me in ten times a better mood than I already was in and again, reminds me of a lot grunge bands ! The final song on this month's playlist is a very recent discovery - Everybody Else Gets Wet by Delorentos. I adore Delorentos' music a ton, it always gives off 'feel good' vibe and cheers me up on a bad day. This song is so thrilling and uplifting, I could rave about it for days ! 

And that is this month's playlist ! I'd love to hear about your favourite songs of this month and if you listen to any of the artists above,

Grace x 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


TK Maxx leather jacket | similar top in New Look | Penneys skirt | Dunnes necklace | Tesco F&F boots 

It feels as if it's been weeks since I blogged last, when it's only been five days during which I wrote pages and pages, procrastinated a heck of a lot and contemplated why I was blogging and what I wanted to write about on my blog. After a long overthink, filming a video that I'll leave at the end of this post and reading this post on Sophie etc., my thoughts on blogging have been composed and I'm a little more at peace in my head with what I would like Dainty Sprinkles to be. I don't like putting pressure on myself to blog - after all, it is a hobby - so I do find myself taking breaks every so often whenever I feel like I am losing touch with blogging and feel like my whole take on it is slipping out of my reach. Long unwarranted but fun-to-write explanation later and I would like to add how majestic the quality of my mam's fancy camera is and how it's a little more complicated to take outfit photos with than my digital camera is. 'Little' is a euphemism. We won't get into how frustrating the heavy tripod can be in comparison to my usual pick that could be likened to a feather. Basically, it is stiffer and I can't lift it up and be like "okay dude, you're going sideways on the ground now to take a photo of these lovely flowers". Nevertheless, the camera itself makes every photograph look amazing - even when it's blurred, like the one of Truffle - so I may apologise for underestimating it's super powers.

Today, I wore this polka dot skirt for the first time in many months. Whether it will keep up residence in the house or move to a charity shop is debatable as of the moment since it is a few years old, the tag at the back of it is quite uncomfortable and the skirt itself just isn't really my style anymore. I do still love it though and I've grown to embrace the skater style of it and how it I feel as if I'm in a musical from the 60's when I wear it ! I was surprised by how well it looks with my black string top - which didn't feel like it was suffocating me today - and it felt only natural to complete this slightly retro look with a leather jacket. Like I said, this top can be uncomfortable at times since I don't really have a whole lot of love for tight clothing but it is so gorgeous and I adore the cut outs at the bottom so the pros tend to outweigh the cons. A necklace in a Gothic style would have really added the finishing touches to this look but I didn't have the time so I added a bit of colour with this beaded necklace.

You can watch the latest Dainty Ramble above. It is thirteen minutes long, you have been warned !

Grace x

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Nobody wants me to talk about the end of the summer holidays and the dreaded 's' word - school there I said it for you - but last night I learnt that on this evening in six weeks time, I shall be finished my first day of Fifth Year ! The first term begins relatively late this year, although I'm not going to complain about that today. Instead, I am giving you a very optimistic and important guide to having a brilliant final six weeks of your summer holidays ! If you have a life as interesting as mine, you will connect deeply to this post and if you don't acquire a good sense of sarcasm and humor, I am really sorry.

So the first step of your final six weeks of freedom is deciding to start living your life and to make the most of what is left of summer ! That is whilst you've forgotten that you cannot be arsed to go anywhere, half your friends aren't either and the other half are having more fun abroad or have a job which means that unlike you, they are actually being productive during their holidays and they are earning money. Secondly, there is nothing exciting to do in your area - that or the tourist attractions are already mundane and now full of tourists - and you definitely cannot afford to fork out twenty euros for a bus ticket to Dublin or anywhere but your own town. Public transport, why must you cost an arm and leg ? Finally, the weather has also decided that you should stay confined to your room since it's going to rain until your first day back in education ! Yay ! Not only that, everywhere remotely interesting to go to in your town is outdoors which means that unless you intend of spending your delightful day in the rain, you may just take out a mortgage to spend on indoor activities and food or else, you'll just spend the day sitting in the middle of your local shopping centre people watching. People watching isn't bad for an hour but after that you look as if you're loitering and you also become very bored.

You then, of course, begin the quest around shops for the most attractive stationary. That is until you remember that the chances of your exotic pencil case being stolen by the Christmas holidays is next to the possibility of the sun rising in the east tomorrow morning. Generic black pencil cage it is then, spending no more than a fiver because that would be a waste. No branded gel pens either, they'll get taken too.

Every night,  you go to bed with the same wishful thinking.

"Tomorrow I shall get up when my alarm goes off ! I will make the most of my day, I shall eat a full breakfast and make an effort to be finished getting ready at a reasonable hour. I will spend the morning off social media and instead, start to practice a little bit of maths, finally download the Japanese keyboard onto my phone and maybe even revise all the theory in music that I didn't put enough effort into in the Junior Cert !"

And everyday, little to none of this actually happens until the second last week of August when you realise that you are truly and utterly unprepared and royally screwed for entering Fifth Year. Well done love, give yourself a pat on the back there.

You then begin to prepare to see your lovely classmates five days a week again. This preparation involves smiling and saying hello when you see your peers on the street, rather than running down the next aisle in the supermarket to hide or just avoiding parts of the town where half of your peers frequent. Heck, even your friend who spends the summer in hibernation decides to make her annual special summer appearance so that nobody has forgotten her come September. You, on the other hand, hope that everyone has forgotten that you exist come September so that you can carry on your life in peace, pretending that you are so focused on studying that you've decided to take a year or two off social interaction.

Finally, it's time for you to start thinking of how you will answer the question "How did you spend your summer holidays ?". Some will be lenient and let you off with "nothing much really" and others will insist that you must of done something interesting in your three months off. If you're luckily enough, your English teacher will insist that too when they write that very question on the whiteboard as homework and you consider writing a fictional entry of your extremely interesting summer that never happened. Most likely, you might make your trip abroad or out of the county sound very interesting or if you didn't do that this year, you might try to make three A4 pages out of day trip to Dublin for clothes shopping or maybe the one day that you were a social human being. It's also time to perfect your stare of bemusement when asked by an adult if you are looking forward to going back to school. Other options include replying with "yes" only to receive surprised faces and questions asking why you would be so excited. I'll leave it up to you to come up with a genuine answer to that.

I hope that this guide will help you make the most of the rest of your holidays ! If you're an adult reading this who no longer attends school, well I hope this post reminded you of how eventful your summer holidays were when you were an adolescent !

Grace x 

Monday, 20 July 2015


Today we're talking all about hair chalk ! I've talked about it a good few times on here such as this post and this post too so it's wouldn't come as a surprise that it is my favourite way to switch up my hair for many reasons. It is temporary and if doesn't fade by the end of the day, it will be gone once you wash it which means that you can go crazy with the chalk to your heart's content on the weekends during the academic year without worrying about it come Monday. You can either apply it heavily for crazy and vibrant streaks or lightly and sparsely for a look more similar to highlights. It also works on hair that isn't light or bleached, although it will fade sooner, like it did here by the time I took photographs of it. Besides how quickly it can fade out - even by just going outside - the only other downside to chalks is how dry and tangled your hair becomes from it.

The chalks that I use came in a pack of five - red, blue, green, yellow, pink - and were bought in a pound shop. I don't mean to dumb down these kind of stores, but I thought that for something from a pound shop, the chalks are quite good but unfortunately the pound shop in question has closed down so I'll probably buy chalks online from now on. For application, I dip the tip of the chalk into water, water on my hands to dampen the hair I wish to dye and then I streak the chalk through the ends. Admittedly, I am not great at blending the chalk in so clumps aren't a rarity ! Usually I don't go very heavy with the chalk and colour the ends, but today I decided to go a little crazier like I did for St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately, I didn't take these photos until later on after I applied the chalk so the blue isn't as vibrant, but you can see a photo of it at it's most vibrant here on my Instagram.

Finally, I'm not one hundred percent comfortable with sharing photos of myself on here - it strangely feels a bit narcissistic, even though I never perceive other bloggers as that - but I was using mam's camera that takes amazing quality photos so I'll let myself off just for today !

Grace x 

Saturday, 18 July 2015


I've been getting into writing a lot lately after coming to the realisation that I have a blog where I can write what the ever the heck I like and I also have a YouTube channel where I find it really therapeutic to ramble to a camera for twenty odd minutes so I'm embracing all that. So I've never shared a lot of my opinions in depth on here but in the past year, I've really become cautious over what viewpoints I write about on here and have basically stopped. I used to be really into social issues and tops surrounding inequality and I only became interested in feminism around a month ago and even then I don't have as big an interest as I used to have in it. I just didn't feel comfortable having those opinions anymore and it came a lot from what I was reading others say, hearing others say and that was obviously influencing me. 

I am generally quite softly spoken and regarded as a 'nice' person. I am shy, I have a lot of social difficulties which involve not knowing how to communicate or when something's inappropriate, etc. which is why I just avoid a lot of communication altogether and you'd expect me to be passive too. So people are usually surprised - not in a bad way, I think - when they first hear me swear, speak in fluent sarcasm or insult them jokingly. Then we run into problems because I have a lot of opinions, I would have an interest in issues facing society - such as feminism and I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe right or to express my opinion. As I've matured into an adolescent and become very aware of my sometimes social naivete, I have learnt to respect and listen to all opinions, including the ones I oppose and to not shove my opinion down others' throats. But sometimes people still act as if I do, since of course, I am a nice, friendly young common white girl who doesn't know what she's talking about and is too opinionated, too easily offended and should just keep her nose out of matters that will apparently never be of any concern to her.

That paragraph is not a 'pity me' card.
I'm just being brutally honest.

Problem is, people don't like others having opinions - especially ones that they don't agree with - and teenagers most certainly do not enjoy when their peers have opinions and now 2015 has become the year that the Internet decides that they also don't like it when you have an opinion. Cheers, lads. Not like I spend half my life on here !

And I can see how opinions can bother people ! Nobody enjoys their words and actions being criticised, monitored and lectured every waking second of the day - like who are you, my mother ? Nobody likes being told that their opinion is wrong and having another one shoved at them with no option but to have to agree with it. Nobody enjoys having to monitor their own actions and words, in case they upset someone. But maybe this is just something we have to do as we progress as human beings. And yes, there is a growing number of Tumblr users who believe that their very strong opinions are the only valid ones in existence and go from one extreme to another. For example, they either berate the white man for being a white man - keep in mind, that the user being the 'activist' is usually a white man themselves - or they pity the white man for his race and gender somehow becoming 'inferior'. I don't regard these users as activists at all and it's upsetting to see as they give other kind and fair users who educate a lot of people on Tumblr and both online and offline activists in general, a bad name. Tumblr can be a bit too much sometimes.

And I am slightly offended by this whole crackdown on opinions. Because I just gave up reading any opinion pieces online or sites such as and and just having an opinion in general ! and I left the academic year with no opinions and I felt as if I had a blank personality, like where is this part of me gone ! And that's because I never cared that much about people not liking it when I had an opinion and not agreeing with me in school. A peer of mine not liking the fact that I enjoy expressing my opinions, that doesn't make them an a**hole, that makes them sixteen. And that is not meant to come across as patronising. But when you feel that it's presumed that you cannot be both lighthearted and have a good sense of humor whilst having opinions, that kind of results in you acting a lot more reserved. Still, I always had the Internet to express my opinions on, except then I was suddenly starting to read all these comments on the Internet which were saying that people were taking their opinions too far and opinions, in general, were not good for anyone. So let's read a few examples !

And surely this all makes these people "easy offended" by others being "easily offended" ? And surely this makes them "social justice warriors" ? Surely this makes them restricting others of their "freedom of speech" ?

It's a bit like a maze, bit of a tongue twister really, don't you think ? 

And of course, the media - stirring the sh*t as always - have to weigh in on all this too. Take for example, Kylie Jenner and Amandla Stenberg's disagreement. Both girls could have chosen their words better but they both had their own fair viewpoint. Except, where the media would have, in the past, shamed and put down Kylie and championed Amandla, they now go along with this whole new "everyone's too easily offended" culture and half brushed off Kylie's actions and focused a negative light on Amandla and stirring the whole "too offended, too opinionated" attitude. I don't agree with either situation of what could have happened in the past and what did happen now, plus let's not forget that some of the headlines belittled the whole disagreement into a "teenage drama" because wow, this did not involve any important matters or valid opinions at all ! Also, they seemed conflicted over who was right yet continued to pick at different sides. Bad journalism.

So whilst a lot of people claim that their freedom of speech is being limited on the Internet by others having strong opinions and that the Internet is going very 'politically correct' and policed or monitored, I politely disagree. I believe that if things keep going this way, where you don't feel very welcome to express your opinion online since you're afraid of having your throat throttled down by loads of random users and then having a whole load of other users telling you that you are being too politically correct and taking things too seriously. I believe that we will have little or no freedom of speech and that the Internet is going to become a very grey spot - another one - for opinions. 

And there are a few things that we have to accept. 

One is that we're all going to have very complex personalities. Some of us are going to be very opinionated and that's okay ! To quote Danisnotonfire - "It's okay to express opinions as long as you're not a jerk about them". Other people are not very opinionated, they don't have an interest in issues such as inequality and that is also okay ! If you are interested in those topics, you can educate these people about these things without forcing it down their throat and if you're not very interested in these topics, you can still listen and politely say "that's great, but I don't have an opinion on this". Also, some people are going to come from different backgrounds or there will be events in their past that may make them more opinionated when it comes to certain issues. For example, a woman from a third world country may have a lot more to say on race and gender. A person who didn't come from this background can still have an opinion. This is called being an ally and as an ally, it's important to remember not to act as if you have gone through this experiences that you have not been through and don't know what it's like first hand, yourself, but you can still support people who have and raise awareness. You can read Rookie Mag's guide to being a good ally here

Secondly, we should remember that an opinion isn't a fact and that we're not all going to share the same viewpoints and we can't expect others to. Like I said at the beginning, it is important to respect and listen to other opinions, other people listen to yours and to never force your opinion on someone. Also remember that your opinion is not your personality and that some people might be very strongly opinionated and they're not necessarily trying to personally offend you, somethings you just have to take with a pinch of salt. If you're having a debate with someone and they refuse to 'agree to disagree', I find that this Frozen meme here can work miracles ! Finally, human beings get it wrong sometimes and that does not make them a sh**ty person. If someone corrects a fact in your opinion, that does not make them an a**hole. If someone gently lets you know that you offended someone with your opinion, that does not make them a PC twat. And if someone is offended by your opinion, that does not make them easily offended. The same goes for you towards other people. 

I really feel that until we accept each other for having opinions and realise that people are not going to stop having opinions or taking part in activism, the Internet is going to become yet another grey spot for expression. Please feel free to share your lovely opinions on the topics discussed in this blogpost in the comments. 

Grace x 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The T-Shirt Speaks For Me

Penneys tee | New Look denim shorts | Claire's choker necklace 

Slightly greasy hair, denim shorts, baggy t-shirt with a 'so relatable' caption and the same white wall as per usual. Just blogger things. You're supposed to read that last sentence in a Californian accent or whatever accent exists on Tumblr.

If you read my last post, you'll remember me speaking of how three of my blogging friends had bought funny blogger t-shirts on Sunday after Aveen found about them and the other three of us have since followed suit so the current joke is that this has become blogger meetup attire and we're just going to amuse ourselves next time we all see each other by showing up in the exact same top. Lately, I wouldn't wear as many t-shirts or tops in general with writing, etc. on them but this one won me over and actually ended up suiting me when I tried it on at home - double win ! I'm probably going to wear this outfit for the rest of the week since it is so comfortable and it remains to be seen how many times I will be heckled when I wear this. That is hopefully an unlikely situation even though posting your opinions on the Internet is not always taken lightly ! On a side note, my hair looks like it's been ombré-d from blonde to pink sideways in the last photo, but in reality the dye is just disappearing oddly.

The last few days have consisted of me writing and reading more, attempting to spend less time on social media and trying to think of decent blogpost ideas. The last two on that list might not be going as well as planned so I may work on that by throwing my phone-that-wouldn't-break-if-you-dumped-it-from-the-moon out the window. That was a joke because I'd fear that I would be too lazy to leave my room to retrieve the phone.

Grace x 

Monday, 13 July 2015


Currently listening to : The Best Thing // Is There Somewhere // Anna Sun // Foundation 
Credit to Jane and her amazing phone camera quality for photos 1 | 2 | 3 // rest of photos taken by me and mildly edited

Yesterday, I went to another blogger meetup with Aveen where we met Sarah and Jane again and Cliona, Karolina and Ciara for the first time ! We'd chatted a lot on our Twitter group chat since Thursday and the conversations really reminded me why I love blogging so much and why the Internet can be amazing. We met in our usual place and I had been planning to vlog all day, except I kind of went into social lockdown and was just like 'noooo what am I doing' and we were all quiet, shy, indecisive strangers meeting for the first time so making a final decision on where to eat took a while but in the end we sauntered to Nando's ! The poor staff in Nando's probably thought we were serious when we all started the "Cheeky Nando's" "Archbishop of Banterbury" "my 'm8' is a ledge" and "cheeky banter" jokes but I think the screaming baby probably startled everyone more. Whilst eating, we discovered many things such as conversation dying whenever Jane and Aveen left the table and that my school - now Aveen's past one - is actually quite eventful and creates entertaining conversation topics.

Aveen had heard about a 'blogging : my ideal career' t-shirt in Penneys so the squad made it their mission to find it and it did not take long ! We gazed at the rack for too long before Jane and Sarah joined Aveen and caved whilst Jane posed for the funniest photo ever with the rack. We all agreed that if any of us were to wear this t-shirt around our local area, we would probably be pelted with rocks yet three more of us have since decided to buy the offending tee too. It may just become one of my 'social experiments'. Then the message went around the squad to 'take the torches out' and 'turn on your flashlights' because we were taking a trip to the literal dark side. Hollister. I am told by the squad that the store was brighter than it used to be and here was I thinking that the lights couldn't get any dimmer ! After this, we ventured down the terrifying escalators and went outside to take stereotypical group photos and selfies ! The evil selfie stick wasn't working so after I found the self-timer on Jane's phone, we took a group photo with the phone on the wall, hoping that it would not be stolen ! Many selfies, humorous Snapchat stories and smiley group photos later, we took the less scary escalators which I ended up getting lost on and ended up outside Starbucks where they actually spelled Aveen's name right ! It's a Christmas-came-five-months-early miracle guys.

Towards the end of the day, we bonded on the fake grass over deep conversations and all of a sudden there were no more awkward silences ! We also had to say goodbye to Cliona and recreate this meme and then the rest of the girls had never played 'Down by the river goes' before so I sang the song while they played and they ended up looking like they were meditating ! It was such an amazing day to see everyone and to have such a positive experience meeting bloggers once again - everyone was just as lovely as they are online and I just love their blogs even more now !

Aveen's blog for honest stories and writing
Cliona's blog for amazing photography and style
Jane's blog for fabulous outfits and photos
Sarah's blog for finding the best music and makeup tutorials
Karolina's blog for brilliant beauty advice and weekly roundups
Ciara doesn't write a blog but she really should because her style is amazing

Grace x 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Captioned Emotions

The captions of the photos above make up most of a poem I wrote a few weeks back. As always, it's open to interpretation but I was just kind of describing all the ways anything or anyone can make you feel or how you can make anyone feel and the font style I spent ages trying to figure out since I really want to create caption styles similar to the quote gifs, etc. from television shows on Tumblr.

I also have thoughts running around my brain and I'm going to write them on the Internet because they've got to go somewhere and also, they are really vague so I'm the only person that they're going to make sense to !

// Anyway, I'm usually the type of person who is constantly thinking "wow it's two months since this, this time three weeks ago was here, how come the year is going by too fast, how come it's all so different" and then I get all upset except just like everything else, I've kind of got it under control over the past few months and it goes over my head until today when I looked at the clock and then tried to remember the date which is July 10th 2015 and the floods of panicked thoughts came

Wow, it's four months since 10th March, a Tuesday when it was my brother's birthday, I remember a lot of things beginning to change in school, the day pretty enjoyable and that evening, I discovered 'Work Song' by Hozier. Since when is it four months since March ?

10th April was three months ago. Still on Easter holidays. Still normal.

10th May was two months ago, the beginning of the last full week of school, the last good one for a while.

And after that I kind of gave up and tried to ignore the fact it was mid July and everything had been speeding up and I was so caught up in it that I didn't even notice it slipping away !

// Then, this evening I was rooting through photos I'd transferred from my phone onto my laptop ages ago as I was looking for photos to caption with the poem thing and one of the first photos to come up kind of alarmed me in a way. There was always something that I loved about that photo except I am horrible at explaining things when they seem important so what it was only came to me this evening. It was the first thing I noticed, the innocence, and in case you didn't know, innocence is one of my favourite words and that is not why I love this photo so much and it describe it that way but I suppose it could be because that I could liken the photo to many stories, situations, beginnings, relationships, other photographs and the list goes on except once you think about afterwards, when the lack of knowledge, naivety, the misconceptions and distorted perception disappears, it all goes downhill and wow, Grace you are writing deeply here.

I haven't thought like this in a long time, I think I'm too scared to,

Grace x 

Monday, 6 July 2015


New Look top and dress | Penneys cardigan and jelly shoes 

WOW SHOCK HORROR I AM SHOWING MY FACE AGAIN IN AN OUTFIT POST AND I'M NOT SMILING. Seriously, if anyone even mentions that I am 'pouting' I think I'll just have to metaphorically throw this failing laptop out the window. But if I am to make explanations, I'll tell you that whatever way I applied my lipstick, I end up looking like I was wearing chronic bitchface all day and believe me when I say that it is debatable whether it was the day or not for chronic bitchface ! I also have been trying to find another location around my garden for taking outfit photos as it's getting a little boring for me to see the same white wall on here the whole time but it seems to be the only place with both decent lighting and setting so I don't know what I'm going to do !

Anyway, these photos were taken on Saturday when it was unexpectedly warm and sunny out again. So I decided to dress for summer weather and this black dress is what I was supposed to be wearing to the wedding in England except I changed my mind at last minute which wasn't too much of a bother since it was only €10 and it's the type of dress I could wear again and again. Problem is that as you can see, it's tight and I don't generally have the confidence to wear that kind of thing casually on a daily basis, regardless of how long it is ! That's until I started watching Netflix TV shows and films again and so many characters wear the most original and outside-the-box outfits, like they do not give  a monkey so long essay later, I bit the bullet and went for it on Saturday morning. Of course, it was going to look a bit too formal walking around town for my liking so I knew that wearing some kind of tank top over it would create a more casual look and I haven't been getting near enough wear out of my '#awkward' top this summer so instead of wearing it at the normal long length, I decided to roll it up and tie a knot for the cropped look which I am slowly growing to like !

 Black cardigan again because I really did not want my arse sticking out and then a pile of necklaces too which is quite unusual for me to wear with anything not plain as I usual feel it looks a bit too much but similar to what I was speaking of earlier, I decided not to give a toss and also wear a few bracelets. For some stubborn reason, I wanted to wear 'summery shoes' so I threw off my Converse and wore sparkly jelly heeled sandals instead. Big. Mistake. So I may have been able to speed walk everywhere in them back during May but mix heat, already cut up feet and plastic shoes which are probably too small for you, well you can imagine how many times I had to sit down throughout the day or how many cuts there were all over my feet when I came home ! Don't do it, Converse all the way !

Ventures of the day included me being in town too early and trekking out to my friend's estate and waiting outside her house as a sweaty mess after all the walking, then walking back into town to meet our friend and then walking for an hour or two. Whilst waiting for our friend, I dragged the initial friend into Dealz because I wanted to buy chocolate except I ended up being scarily close to buying a bubble sword or a two pack of bubble wands, then a notebook and by the time I actually picked up some chocolate, I realised that I didn't like how long the queues were so I put it back and left. Should have bought the bubble sword. Later on, we made a trip to Tesco - the place that I compare to water gathering out in deserts - and my friend decided to see how much sweets could be squashed into one of those 3.99 snack cups and the results were humorous. Cue us sitting on a seat outside twenty minutes later, naming two of the snake sweets. The first was named Bob, as my friends name almost everything - including the wall next to where we sit in Area Four in school, although someone else wrote that on the wall but they just carried on with it until it was painted over this Easter. I said the snake looked like a Tristan and hence the second snake's name. Then we thought it would be funny to take a photo of Bob eating a fried egg sweet off my friend's hand. Our third friend is away at the moment as she declared bins as our decision making point so I made my two friends - one holding Bob as if he was a real bloody pet - stand beside the bin so I could take a photo, draw over it with our friend's name beside an arrow to the bin and send it to her on Snapchat. This entire paragraph is probably uncalled for, but I thought it was a really funny story so I'm telling it ! Then a random stray trolley buggered off into the middle of the road so my friend went after it so that a car wouldn't crash into it. Probably the highlight of my day.

Well, this was fun writing,

Grace x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Seas and Skies

As I've said before, I'm pretty sure almost all of my camera roll on both my phone and camera is made up of sunset photo after water photo after blue sky photo after oh yes, another sunset photo. The remainder is filled with the odd selfie, my friends being twats and anything colourful in front of a grey background. So this evening brought a trip to the beach whilst the sky was doing it's pastel colour thing with all the fluffy clouds and I had to kick off my badly fitting jelly heels which have been cutting my feet all day and kick my feet in the water ! The majority of my time there was spent on my hunkers, attempting to get a decent photo of the water going in and out. I haven't been to this beach since April and I've never been here in the evening to see the tide in so it looked quite different in a slightly eerie way but was very beautiful nevertheless ! 

Grace x