Monday, 20 July 2015


Today we're talking all about hair chalk ! I've talked about it a good few times on here such as this post and this post too so it's wouldn't come as a surprise that it is my favourite way to switch up my hair for many reasons. It is temporary and if doesn't fade by the end of the day, it will be gone once you wash it which means that you can go crazy with the chalk to your heart's content on the weekends during the academic year without worrying about it come Monday. You can either apply it heavily for crazy and vibrant streaks or lightly and sparsely for a look more similar to highlights. It also works on hair that isn't light or bleached, although it will fade sooner, like it did here by the time I took photographs of it. Besides how quickly it can fade out - even by just going outside - the only other downside to chalks is how dry and tangled your hair becomes from it.

The chalks that I use came in a pack of five - red, blue, green, yellow, pink - and were bought in a pound shop. I don't mean to dumb down these kind of stores, but I thought that for something from a pound shop, the chalks are quite good but unfortunately the pound shop in question has closed down so I'll probably buy chalks online from now on. For application, I dip the tip of the chalk into water, water on my hands to dampen the hair I wish to dye and then I streak the chalk through the ends. Admittedly, I am not great at blending the chalk in so clumps aren't a rarity ! Usually I don't go very heavy with the chalk and colour the ends, but today I decided to go a little crazier like I did for St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately, I didn't take these photos until later on after I applied the chalk so the blue isn't as vibrant, but you can see a photo of it at it's most vibrant here on my Instagram.

Finally, I'm not one hundred percent comfortable with sharing photos of myself on here - it strangely feels a bit narcissistic, even though I never perceive other bloggers as that - but I was using mam's camera that takes amazing quality photos so I'll let myself off just for today !

Grace x 


  1. The blue suits you so well! Also don't be scared to post pictures of yourself. I personally love when other bloggers post pics of themselves. Your hair is so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much ! I do too - it just feels so strange lately to do it myself ahaha


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