Thursday, 2 July 2015

In The Dust

Penneys ribbed cami | New Look skirt | Converse shoes | Necklaces are from mam's wardrobe, Penney's and New Look

I figured that there hasn't been an outfit post on here in quite a while and we need a bit of structure in terms of post patterns so today I'm sharing my current 'go-to outfit' i.e the two most comfortable pieces of clothing I own that I throw on when it's too warm and I don't want to have to make an effort of looking through my wardrobe. Because of the warmer weather, I wore the cardigan that has been in my last few posts instead of melting in my leather jacket and also a chunk of necklaces dangling as I've been getting into wearing multiple necklaces recently and today I remembered the beaded chains my mam gave me yonks ago so I wore burgundy beads today since they'd suit the khaki green quite well. Then I found that they doubled up as quite a good alternative to a choker as you can lap them over and what not !

Recently, I've stopped wearing all makeup bar eyes, brows and lips ! The most makeup I've ever worn is BB Cream - and that was only for two months plus it ended up being a little orange - and I'm way too terrified to go near foundation so I've always stuck with concealer and have grown to embrace any breakouts that it won't cover. Anyway, before I left for England I began wearing heavier eye makeup - I cannot decide whether it makes me look like I've slept in the same makeup for five days or I've been too enthusiastic with crayola but I like it anyway - and filling in my brows a little more and I was kind of fed up with fiddling with concealer under my eyes for ages so I gave it all up and I haven't looked back since ! I am quite lucky to have skin that rarely breaks out badly, obviously like any teenager I have a good few spots here and there, but it could be worse so at the moment I don't really feel like wearing anything over them, although that's not to say that in a few months or a year I won't have braved the foundation !

I rambled a lot today so imaginary medal for everyone who read all that,

Grace x

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