Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Playlist

The second last day of the month calls for another playlist ! I haven't been listening to as much music over the past thirty one days as I have in other months but the songs I did discover have been stuck in my head non-stop. Drum roll please for my July 2015 playlist, 

We're beginning with the first song Foundation on Years and Years' album Communion. I adore first songs of albums - when you encounter a good one, it is short and sweet with almost a magical vibe off it and sounds as if it is building up to something, quite climatic. Foundation does exactly that for me, Olly Alexander's flawless voice adds to the effect as does the synthesizers which create an almost eeriness in the best way possible ! Onto the next song on this playlist, we're discussing Anna Sun by Walk the Moon ! Walk the Moon's music is so fun and bouncy, you may have heard Different Colours in the Paper Towns trailer and Shut Up and Dance was number one in the Irish charts a couple of weeks back - all three are brilliant songs and perfect to listen to when your day is in need of brightening ! 

My next two favourites are both female-fronted bands which I love since practically everything I listen to is generally male bands - nothing wrong with that, but a little diversity in my playlists wouldn't hurt nobody ! We Are The In Crowd are my new favourite band, I cannot listen to enough of their music which makes me want to do silly air guitar or jump around and dance. Their music are so so catchy and I just cannot get enough of it - The Best Thing That Never Happened is a definite favourite of mine, it reminds me a lot of New Politics. The second band with an epic female lead singer that I've been listening to is Tonight Alive. I cannot get the song Lonely Girl out of my head, the sound is so powerful and the vocals are crazy amazing, like please give me your vocal range, thanks ! The band are seriously amazing and I cannot recommend them enough.

The next is probably my favourite song of the entire month - Trouble by Halsey. Halsey was all over my social media feeds at the start of the month so of course, I had to look her music up and so, Ghost plus the music video for it captivated me, just like everyone else, and then I found Trouble. This is such a beautiful, beautiful song, basically that song every month where I'm here typing "guys, I cried over this so much". Besides the fact that there's the most piano music accompanying the vocals - we won't discuss my dreadful attempts to learn that music - Halsey's voice would give you chills, it's that gorgeous. Another quite calming song that I've been listening to this month is Going To California by Led Zeppelin. It is basically the infamous relaxed California vibes mixed with folk mixed with a 1970's summer in a song, that's what is sounds like ! Again, it's such a chilled and laid back song and I always feel as if I'm in a car going somewhere when listening to the guitar and mandolin.

Last week, a friend recommended the band Basement to me and I've been loving their songs Covet and Whole ! Covet makes me feel so many things and the drums are crazy, it seriously creates the thrill throughout the song although it still sounds quite dark - in a good way -  and reminds me a lot of bands from the 90's. Whole is the type of song that puts me in ten times a better mood than I already was in and again, reminds me of a lot grunge bands ! The final song on this month's playlist is a very recent discovery - Everybody Else Gets Wet by Delorentos. I adore Delorentos' music a ton, it always gives off 'feel good' vibe and cheers me up on a bad day. This song is so thrilling and uplifting, I could rave about it for days ! 

And that is this month's playlist ! I'd love to hear about your favourite songs of this month and if you listen to any of the artists above,

Grace x 

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