Tuesday, 28 July 2015


TK Maxx leather jacket | similar top in New Look | Penneys skirt | Dunnes necklace | Tesco F&F boots 

It feels as if it's been weeks since I blogged last, when it's only been five days during which I wrote pages and pages, procrastinated a heck of a lot and contemplated why I was blogging and what I wanted to write about on my blog. After a long overthink, filming a video that I'll leave at the end of this post and reading this post on Sophie etc., my thoughts on blogging have been composed and I'm a little more at peace in my head with what I would like Dainty Sprinkles to be. I don't like putting pressure on myself to blog - after all, it is a hobby - so I do find myself taking breaks every so often whenever I feel like I am losing touch with blogging and feel like my whole take on it is slipping out of my reach. Long unwarranted but fun-to-write explanation later and I would like to add how majestic the quality of my mam's fancy camera is and how it's a little more complicated to take outfit photos with than my digital camera is. 'Little' is a euphemism. We won't get into how frustrating the heavy tripod can be in comparison to my usual pick that could be likened to a feather. Basically, it is stiffer and I can't lift it up and be like "okay dude, you're going sideways on the ground now to take a photo of these lovely flowers". Nevertheless, the camera itself makes every photograph look amazing - even when it's blurred, like the one of Truffle - so I may apologise for underestimating it's super powers.

Today, I wore this polka dot skirt for the first time in many months. Whether it will keep up residence in the house or move to a charity shop is debatable as of the moment since it is a few years old, the tag at the back of it is quite uncomfortable and the skirt itself just isn't really my style anymore. I do still love it though and I've grown to embrace the skater style of it and how it I feel as if I'm in a musical from the 60's when I wear it ! I was surprised by how well it looks with my black string top - which didn't feel like it was suffocating me today - and it felt only natural to complete this slightly retro look with a leather jacket. Like I said, this top can be uncomfortable at times since I don't really have a whole lot of love for tight clothing but it is so gorgeous and I adore the cut outs at the bottom so the pros tend to outweigh the cons. A necklace in a Gothic style would have really added the finishing touches to this look but I didn't have the time so I added a bit of colour with this beaded necklace.

You can watch the latest Dainty Ramble above. It is thirteen minutes long, you have been warned !

Grace x


  1. Polka dots are always a good idea. I love that you wore this for the first time in a little while. It looks gorgeous :)


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