Saturday, 22 August 2015

Curve and Suede

New Look cami top and dress | Penneys cardigan | Tesco boots | L-R : Claire's // Penneys // Claire's // health shop bracelets

This outfit is my go to ensemble when it comes to occasions that are not formal, yet I want to dress up more than usual for. Example, the blogger meetup in July. Like almost every time that I wear this outfit, I was in a rush which meant that I did not have enough time to take out mam's SLR and find a prettier location around the garden which is a real pity since it was golden hour.

Anyway, I'm still so surprised that I have not fallen out with this dress yet ! It's kind of 'bodycon' shaped dress from the kids section in New Look - having the wide variety of both this and the adult section is fabulous - that is supposed to be midi length, although it seems that I must have grown somehow in height since it has ended up knee length being over the past month or so ! My spine is curved which means that standing straight is alien for me and I've one Kim Kardashian hip which is becoming larger and more noticeable and one twelve year old boy hip so I've always thought that tighter clothing wouldn't suit me but funnily enough, I was proven wrong ! A lot of sites recommend wearing loose fitting tops to hide the curve and I've found that teaming up full length, loose cami tops with skirts and shorts actually look great and I feel so much more comfortable in them ! I honestly do not know why I was ever afraid of the concept before so ten out of ten recommend for anyone with a curved spine who is self conscious of it.

70's fashion is all the range for autumn and winter this year, it is literally everywhere I turn and I love it ! Suede, mad coloured knee high socks and tights, fringe, denim, ribbed tops; colours such as mustard, dark orange, burgundy, forest green, grey, vibrant blue, grey tones. The 70's was really the first decade of fashion that I was mad about and aspects of the trend always find a way into my wardrobe ! This suede top is one of my favourite pieces that I own and I've come to the conclusion that I am just going to have to find a way to incorporate it into my outfits of the winter months - it  goes with everything !

To be quite honest with you, I'm not very happy with the photos I took for this post, although the text has made up for it so it's all good now ! Last night was really just a continuous buzz of online positivity and inspiration. First I read Róisín's post on what and who inspires her and it really brightened my day since I was one of the bloggers she mentioned ! Then Cliona put up a photo of blog planning on Instagram which inspired me to spend a little time thinking of blogpost ideas for the next while and when I will post them. I then watched Lohanthony's video on ruling the school like the confident, sassy child you are and I spent the whole time raising my arms in the air like "AMEN" and it really made me feel more hopeful and enthusiastic for the new school year. Finally, I watched Lindsey Hughes' most recent vlog which was basically the best twenty three minutes of my summer since her positive mindset always lifts my spirits and I listened to Halsey's new song 'Drive' which is so so gorgeous ! So at this point, I'm really looking forward to writing up posts over the next week !

Grace x


  1. I've been loving suede and all things 70s recently, so this post fits right in! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yess, 70's style is just fabulous ! And no problem - thank you for your comment :D


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