Wednesday, 26 August 2015

On Approaching The End of August

TK Maxx leather jacket | similar top here | New Look denim shorts | Penneys tights | Tesco boots

Today's post was supposed to be just this month's playlist but these outfit photos were taken this day two weeks ago and I never uploaded them since I just didn't feel very comfortable with them so they're making a little appearance here this evening ! Not only did I spend half that day pulling down that top - it's actually cropped - and standing hunched over since I was conscious of my midriff showing, for some reason, but it also ended up being sweltering hot so here I was in a tight, long-sleeved top, a heavy jacket, denim shorts, heavy boots and tights ! Wow, go me. Wearing this outfit was still an achievement though. If you know me, there's a chance that you'll be aware of how nauseous I feel when wearing clingy or heavy clothing so I was thrilled that I survived half the day in this outfit ! 

I really love this outfit as it's a perfect mixture of casual and chic or girly and grunge. The colours are quite neutral too so you could really add a pop of colour in anywhere and it would look good ! For example, adding in a colourful accessory, replacing the jacket with a bright cardigan or swapping the boots for high tops in a bold colour.  If it hadn't been so warm, this outfit would have been decent for a milder day when it wasn't cold enough to step into winter clothes, yet not warm enough to go around in light, summer clothes ! 

Listening to music this month was a little all over the place. I raved about Radio and Lost It To Trying in my post here about the amazing Paper Towns soundtrack so I think you've read enough of me being over-excited about the two songs for now ! I've been listening to a lot of music lately that are either from one of my favourite decades or sound similar to the music of that era. I know that I talk about the 70's a lot lately and I should probably leave it here now, but I really just have a huge  that culture of that decade. The music really reminds me of road trips and evening sunsets, I have no idea why. but it sound so summery and as if it's crackling through a bad radio so that's probably why ! Landslide by Fleetwood Mac has been calming me down whenever I'm having a bad day, I have been completely intrigued by the dark tonality mixed with a brighter tonality in Friends by Led Zeppelin. I would listen to practically anything that French Films release and their latest song You Are The Sun consists of a mixture of 70's and 90's vibes. Coming Down by Dum Dum Dolls has probably been my favourite song this month. It is such a gorgeous song, sounds very similar to 90's grunge, just like all of their music and again, it's one of the songs that has been helping me feel more relaxed. If I am right, Drive is the latest song released by the amazing Halsey and I discovered it at 5am in the morning the day after it came out ! Halsey's voice is so unique and tranquil, I cannot listen to enough of her music at the moment ! 

I'd love to hear in the comments what you think of outfits that are neither dressy nor too casual and also, what music you have been listening to this month ! Thank you so much as always for the feedback I receive on posts, it means a ton and I always love replying to comments. Ending this post on an even happier note, I found out yesterday that Dainty Sprinkles has made the longlist of the category 'Best Youth Blog' in the Blog Awards Ireland ! Congratulations to anyone who's blog was nominated and even if your blog wasn't nominated, we must remember that there are so many different meanings of 'success' and one is writing online, because that take a vast amount of creativity and guts !

Grace x 


  1. Such a nice outfit Grace! And congrats on being nominated :)


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