Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sloppy Charcoal

Penneys tee | skirt similar here and here | Tesco boots | L-R : Health shop, Claire's, Pennyes bracelets - last one was a present from a friend 
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Sometimes, clothes just look better sloppy, as if no effort has been made, whatsoever and the wearer - this is actually a word, my day has been made - is just fed up. In this scenario, I was not fed up, although the other pointers apply. For example, my favourite blogger tee is boxy shaped anyway and therefore, just looks so much when I leave it not tucked in; it just doesn't come across to me as the type of t-shirt that is worn neatly ! The skirt can be worn to suit so many different styles and for some very odd reason, I discovered yesterday that it is made of a more synthetic material like nylon, known as a 'wet look' and not leather ! It's quite short so at the present, I am not very comfortable with wearing it high-wasted and not doing so gives it an entirely different look altogether; I feel as if I'm four years old again, dressing up for Halloween when I wear the skirt like this !

Last night, I went to see Paper Towns with my friend. This was my second time and opposed to last time where there were barely a dozen people, this time it was absolutely packed and we ended up sitting near the very front - there were even people sitting on the floor ! Of course, along with this, there were a few eejits who wouldn't shut up but besides that, the atmosphere was great, especially when the whole cinema went "oooooh" when *SPOILER ALERT* Ansel Elgort made a cameo !

Also, camera quality is both questionable and fascinating since I was using my digital in a rush and it's still on that funny setting but we'll embrace it anyway,

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