Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Playlist

The text edited onto the photo above is off-centre and I'm just going to pretend that it is definitely not irritating me at all.

I am currently questioning how it is the final day of September. The month has been a quiet one in terms of listening to music. Finding new songs to listen to is what practically all of my spare time last year - and probably the year before that too - consisted of. Come home, eat, listen to music. But I had nothing to do last year ! All I did last year and the year before was procrastinate all afternoon every afternoon ! And now I spend my afternoons either staring at a book, either being productive or procrastinating, and the only music I've looked up the past few days is Chuck Berry and songs for my practical in music class - Fifth Year, why do you do this to me ! Nevertheless, I have managed to put a pair of earphones in my ear a good few times throughout the month as you can see above !

Apologies for the short post, I know I usually go into a full on 'ermegherd' mad ramble and I would love to write more but school, anxiety and a cold are really not a great mix right now ! The formula of those three equals exhaustion !

I shall be back on Friday with the first Halloween post of 2015 - keep you eye peeled !

Grace x 

Monday, 28 September 2015

No Return

Penneys dress | Penneys cardigans | Topshop bracelets and choker | Penneys tights | Tesco boots | rings from local shops
Currently playing : Magnets | Northern Boy | Sugar How You Get So Fly

Usually I don't do two outfit posts in a row since I don't want to appear narcissistic nor do I want people to think that I've this huge wardrobe or something, except why should I give two hoots about what others think of me and also, this post is up late enough already ! Everything seems to be both emotionally draining me of energy lately but tonight I am not letting it get the better of my writing !

Friday was our annual non-uniform day at school ! It was quite early this year since it was a fundraiser for the refugee appeal. There had been rumours circulating about the possibilities of this all week and then alas, on Thursday afternoon we are told that there is a non-uniform day tomorrow ! Non-uniform days in my experience are practically iconic, something interesting always happens but because of it's earliness, this year's one remained significantly uneventful bar the odd one or two funny incident and throughout the day, I found myself thinking it was the day of midterm! September is generally a very uneventful month since it is at the beginning of the year and it takes me forever to settle in, can be quite a depressing month but Friday was great !

When I was younger, I cared an awful lot about non-uniform days, more of what people would think of me - like I would genuinely be scared walking in, thinking that some twat would say something over me looking overdressed but I am in Fifth Year now and it's just another day ! The past few years I have toned it down a bit and this year, I wore this gorgeous blue dress from Penneys. It's the type of dress that I didn't think would look awfully flattering on me as it is neither overly tight nor overly loose but it has actually become my favourite dress - I mean it is so comfortable and it has pockets ! I repeat, it has pockets ! I wore my t-shirt cardigan as always since I did not want my derriere sticking out and other accessories included my usual bracelets and choker, some rings, my boots and also patterned tights - I was going to wear gold sparkly ones but they may have been a little too much and they also slightly resembled a net material so no.

The day somehow ended up being a less anxious one so yes !

Grace x 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Hue of Blue

Penneys tee and cardigan | v. old necklace | school shoes and Dunnes socks | similar skirt here | Topshop bracelets 

This outfit is from Saturday, except I didn't actually wear it out but changed into it when I got home so now I'm questioning whether that makes this a legitimate outfit post or not but let's continue anyway ! Similar to a ridiculous amount of my posts, this is an almost-monochrome-but-not-monochrome-since -white-clothes-are-too-difficult-to-look-after outfit. I love how this shade of baby blue looks when paired up with black, especially this 'wet look' skirt, just here like "I am trying to be sophisticated" ! Like I've said previously, sloppy t-shirts worn loosely over a skirt like this is my favourite kind of look at the moment, mainly because
a. I am too lazy plus I get ready too late on the weekends to put together an outfit that looks as if it's been well put together
b. My attitude towards clothes is the looser the better
c. Seriously though, who has time to tuck in their tees and feel uncomfortable in stiff clothing all day ! I'm just here, acknowledging the fact that nobody probably shares this opinion, oops.

Fifth Year keeps getting better so I'm all good. The month's going by quicker than I expected so October is approaching which means Halloween !!! Weird makeup - yes, weirder than the lower liner - shall be featuring on the blog throughout the month, as always, since t'is the season to freak everyone out and be a spookier version of our everyday selves. I've already bought two sets of Halloween fairy lights and I brought up the topic of choosing what to dress up as on the actual night of Halloween with my friend today so the season is truly on it's way ! On a final note, Disclosure and Lorde's collaboration 'Magnets' was released today and I've been listening to it in-between studying all evening, like what the heck this is so bloody amazing ! Also, can we talk about Ashish S/S16 ? Everything - the dresses, the makeup, the skateboards - is perfect together and it reminds me so much of photos from Rookie Mag and style bloggers who dress in a similar way. I am completely envious !

I get too excited over these kind of things but I hope your week is going great anyway,

Grace x 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Golden Blue

☆ All these photos were taken around golden hour and I just start snapping photos and all the colours of the photos above turned out a dream ! I love the blue and white themes of Instagrams of photographers or just Instagrams in general, here and here for example, and the Robin Schulz 'Headlights' video . My English homework over the weekend is "the aesthetic use of language" where we basically have to write an short essay using a lot of elaborate poetic language. So I've been using all those kind of themes as inspiration, even though the story is supposed to and will come from my own imagine, but I have to start somewhere and blue or colourful cloudy skies, white or off-white structures, golden sand or dust and abandoned things in the colours mentioned are my favourite places in my mind to start ! 

☆ Short story about the last photo, I'm starting to go a bit mad with the makeup again or anything that requires me to be the slightest bit creative, for that matter. The NYFW Snapchat story resulted in me falling in love with fashion weeks all over again (I go through phases of having little or no interest in them, and not understanding the whole point.) and sweet crap, the makeup worn in the Jeremy Scott S/S 16 show !  I spent a ridiculous amount of time during the week, gazing at the close-ups of the graphic liner, thinking "how" ! Anyway, since it was based around spring, the peach lips and lack of liner was not very me so I put a twist on it, i.e lining the rest of my eyes as always and then going a little too heavy or far or basically, yea, it was too much.

Yesterday it involved only applying the lashline triangles to the very edge and going over them in green liner and pink, sparkly eyeshadow, just in case school decided to crack down on makeup for the day. Later I went over it a little heavier before Spleodar - Irish speaking club yoke - and a twelve year old  kid asks me "an bhfuil tú goth ?" That translates to "are you goth ?" Then I wear the makeup above this morning, heavier again, and I'm asked if I'm "going emo" and "sad". During the week, my hair was also compared to that of a goth or emo so I've got my Sharpie ready to write this on my head : Not goth. Not emo. Just Eyeliner. Just hair. Just a little odd. Note that I am joking this entire paragraph. I mean, all those things did happen, but I'm not offended, I repeat, I am jokingly complaining. And it probably doesn't help that the eyeliner always ends up smudging all around my eyes anyway and my hair covers 90% of my face. Not goth. Not Emo. Just having too much spare time. Just not really loving the shape of my face. Still a little odd

And that story was not short at all. I apologise. 

☆ I'm beginning to feel a little more settled into Fifth Year ! I've loved all my classes from the beginning and I was coping with all the work and getting back into study until this week when I had at least a test or two every day but now I finally feel almost 100% settled and comfortable, so I'm good ! On the flipside to this, I am completely wrecked at the weekends and I was so tired yesterday afternoon that I've after left all my homework and revision to tomorrow so I am not looking forward to that ! 

There'll be a few posts up during the week once I recover from schoolwork overload, 

Grace x 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


As the months pass by, the season of autumn approaches and in Ireland, the weather makes it extremely unpredictable and a bit of a pain in the butt to dress sensibly for. Come to think of it, the Irish weather is pretty unreliable in general and we live through about five seasons in one day, all twelve months of the year so random layering is your best friend ! If the title hasn't done a song and dance already, we're layering dresses for the transitional season today ! 

The dress I'm layering today, I have had since I was eight - I had bought the wrong size - and you can see it on it's own here. I always wear it back to front since it just looks more sophisticated and 60s style. I've always loved the combination of pink, black and white and although they are not exactly typical autumnal colours, a little difference is always nice. 


This look for slightly warmer days adds a little touch of grunge to all the pink. More boxy fitting t-shirts as brilliant as they provide a certain amount of warmth when worn with a jacket for less cold September. But they also can be in so many versatile ways - roll them up and tie them at the side, wear them down loose, tuck them in if you're wearing jeans or a skirt, the possibilities are endless ! And of course, a leather jacket is the perfect way to give an outfit an edge and layer up stylishly. 

Penneys tee | TK Maxx leather jacket


What is better than a good old cardigan ! If you're lucky enough to be Irish, this probably won't last you into the cold depths of autumn unless you're also teaming it up with a jacket ! Again, for the warmer days earlier in the month, a wool cardigan is always a safe option. They also look and feel so cosy and autumnal, plus add a dark coloured jumper and I'm just here screaming "autuuumn !" Knit cardigans basically team up brilliantly with any outfit so it's an attainable option.  

no idea where this is from. 


Little light tops like this that you can just throw over anything are one of my favourite type of pieces to wear during the transitional season between summer and autumn ! I'd obviously have to add some kind of jacket to this since - it is Irish weather we're talking about. This top in particular consists of black, light material, wow I am amazing at explaining things, and there's all the pink bobbles over the majority of the gaps so it wouldn't help to add another layer, such as a tank top or tee, under this top like I did here. The colours of this top also make it quite adaptable to all styles - you could wear delicate colours with it for a pastel look, darker colours or black for an edgier look or add a pop of colour to outfits of monochrome tones,

H&M top 


Apologies for the blurry turn out of these photos - my face in the first photo possibly makes up for it - but we are moving onto layering skirts as desperate times call for desperate measures !  What is better than knowing that under a comfy, velvet skirt there is another layer whether it be a dress, shorts, a slip or tulle ? I have a lack of priorities at this time of year. My black velvet skirt is a bit of an all-rounder, it's been in my wardrobe for a year now and works for every weather possible, neither too light or too heavy, and because of the colour, it goes with basically every top I own. The velvet is also something a little different which adds to the list of reasons around why this is probably my favourite skirt ever. 

New Look skirt | H&M top again 


More blurry photos, but I didn't know !!! When taking outfit photos in and out of rain showers with a material bag of t-shirts, tops and socks, as well as an extra tripod beside you, noticing these faults is not really a thing. I, like every other girl who read fashion blogs or watched beauty vloggers on the Internet, went through a phase of wearing knee high socks with everything this time two years ago and I feel that I'm about to fall in love with socks all over again. This pair remind me of the fashion of the 60s - the navy colour, the wool pattern, the buttons. They are so cute and versatile, looking brilliant whether worn at full-length to the knee or rolled to the ankle, especially with ankle boots like the ones I'm wearing here which are quite worn at this stage, but still wearable once paired up with  inserts.

Dunnes socks | Tesco boots

So that was another post of me being a narcissistic kid taking photos of her outfits. Nah, forget that, I had lots of fun putting together this post. I really want to start experimenting with the way I edit photos, especially with outfit posts, so that means collaging, etc. and I would have done more with this post except Fifth Year is obviously not giving me a free ticket to multiple quantities of free time right now but what can you do !

I'd love to hear what your favourite pieces for the transitional seasons are !

Grace x 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Usual Tones

Penneys top and cardigan | Topshop skirt and bracelets | Tesco boots 
Currently listening to : Convict // Holy 

I have no idea why I currently have such a love for more neutral or less vibrant coloured clothing ! I did wear a pink swirly dress under my top out but when I got home, I threw this skirt over it and felt a lot more content when the burgundy replaced the pink. Neutral tones can be so convenient since they usually suit almost any colour. I love the minimalist style but I find it so unattainable when it comes to actually putting together outfits so I think that I'll just keep those ideas to special occasions !

I love tops in the same shape and style of the one that I'm wearing in the photos above. They are so versatile and give a casual vibe to any outfit that's in need of appearing a little less formal. I also find that they add a little touch of grunge to outfits as well, depending on the colour and the way they're worn, especially over skater skirts and patterned pieces. It was a little cooler today than it was last weekend, although the sunshine still stayed out for the most of the day so whilst it was still warm enough for me to get away with a three-quarter length sleeved top, I decided to add a little cardigan anyway. 

Today was an extremely productive today, especially considering the fact that Fifth Year is already wearing me out and I'm only a week in ! After a late start thanks to me taking a while to leave the comfort of my bed, mam and I ventured into town. Observations of the day include a pumpkin spice drink in a coffee shop, although it was a little too sweet, creepy Halloween decorations and cute wall signs that I couldn't afford, cord shorts that were on sale but sadly, not in my size, more food, a book for the History project, probably other things that I can't remember and Halloween fairy lights plus other gory  decorations ! Our last stop was Tesco.I've already enlightened Twitter and Snapchat with my annual rant about how they already have a full aisle of Christmas sweets on September 12th, yet there is not a single Halloween product in sight outside the clearance section ! If you didn't already know, I am a scrooge until the first day of November - there needs to be a little appreciation for all things spooky, theatre makeup and pumpkins ! 

What have you been up to this weekend ?
Thank you so much, by the way, for all the lovely comments lately ! 

Grace x 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How I Wave Goodbye to Stress !

If you still aren't following me on social media ... Well, one, you are really missing some great feeds - I'm holding a sarcasm sign - and two, you will not know that since I've begun Fifth Year, I've been a lovely ray of sunshine - still holding that sarcasm sign. Last night, or maybe today, or maybe several hours ago I came to the conclusion that it's not even a week into term and I am already a stressed, negative thundercloud  which is really not great because god knows what I'll be like this time in twelve months so on this immaculate day off school thanks-to-the-junior-cert-result-receiving-ones I have finally decided to get my sh*t together ! 

In true Grace-palm style, I am going to convince myself that I have my life together and am no longer going to panic over schoolwork every night by writing about it all on here ! So how do I de-stress ? Note that this could just also be described as how to temporarily distract yourself from responsibilities.

 My worst habit when taking a break from schoolwork is trying to multitask. I either 'take my break' by scrolling through my phone in one hand whilst I tackle double maths with the other or I take a break to relax but half my brain is still trying to remember twelve Hiragana characters and the other half is reciting thirty Irish words. This doesn't work, it's not a break. So the moral of the story is that when I plan to take five minutes off to relax, I put down the pens because it is not going to speed up the process any quicker and I'm only going to end up even more stressed. 

Even if you're not a typically creative person or the kind who keeps a diary or enjoys writing full stop, it can be quite therapeutic to take a pen and just write out everything about your day, what you've accomplished in the past twenty four hours or even better, anything that is stressing you ! You can even buy adult colouring books now which is probably the best thing ever ! Collaging can be quite fun as well and although it means finding actual things to collage, cut-outs from magazines, booklets or printing photos off a device is generally the handiest options. I love writing in my doodling / writing / anything and everything journal which I will do a detailed post on next week when it looks less depressing ! I can't doodle that much in class anymore since I have to pay full attention which is a bit of a pain so I'm appreciating when I can go mad and doodle all over a page and I'm finding it even more relaxing ! Personally speaking, it is probably my favourite way to feel as far away as possible from all my worries ! 

Probably a bit of an obvious method, but listening to music is such a brilliant way to float away from our troubles ! The kind of music I listen to depends on my mood or what kind of stress I'm feeling. If the stress is causing me to feel down, I listen to music that's really fast and exhilarating because it instantly makes me feel better and I can twirl around my room or air guitar or something ! My favourites include Satellite Stories, Fall Out Boy, We Are The In Crowd and Foo Fighters ! When all I want to do is relax and calm down, slower or softer music is my first port of call. I guess that meditation music would do equally as good a job but I personally love listening to any song on my phone that makes me feel as if I'm about to doze off ! Usually I listen to Alt-J, The 1975, Dum Dum Girls, Years & Years and Halsey ! 

4. MOVE ! 
Again, not an unprecedented method but exercise is another way to relieve stress ! It is quite difficult to fit in but any form of exercise releases endorphins and free up the mind a bit and it's even better when outside. We have bloody exercise charts in our school journals this year as part of the section about combating school-related anxiety and the likes but it really is quite a decent way to relax a bit. I should probably admit here that I enjoy multitasking whilst doing the exercises I learned in physio, but I'm just going to pretend that it's necessary. Y'know, if you've got the multitasking skills ... I may as well use them ! Getting out of a situation or place that is causing you a huge amount of stress is also quite important so why not juggle both ! 

Rather than procrastinating my way through my workload or whatever I'm doing, I've been trying to get it all over with and then have time to do whatever I wish ! I've found that Bloglovin' functions quite well on phones so I've really been enjoying scrolling through my favourite posts on my mobile lately. It's a much more convenient alternative to having to pull out my laptop, plug in the charger and so on - something I do not have near enough time to do during the week, unfortunately ! Tonight I had heaps of spare time which is why I was more than ecstatic to get on my laptop to write this post ! So putting aside 'me time' is very important ! 

I know that the methods above are what the majority of people do to de-stress but like I said at the beginning, but I'm just giving my two cents ! I'd love to hear your methods of de-stressing so feel free to discuss in the comments !

Grace x 

Saturday, 5 September 2015


Similar top here | H&M skirt | TK Maxx jacket | Penneys tights | similar shoes here | Topshop choker and bracelets

Okay so I know that I was complaining on Twitter earlier about looking constipated in all my outfits photos or all the photos being out of focus but I guess that this is where being a narcissistic cow and taking too many photos comes in handy. Anyway, today was a brilliant day ! The weather was so autumnal and gorgeous, Aveen of The Random Life of Aveen and I went for coffee, we found all the Halloween decorations and fairy lights which will make me broke in Dunnes, I liked my outfit, all these photos turned out decent and dinner was gorgeous !  

I probably changed at least twice this morning; the transitioning of the seasons does not make dressing easy - like how am I supposed to know that it's not going to get any warmer or colder than it already is ? The weather was ideal today so I ended up just adding tights to my usual jacket, vest top and skirt combo. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, the autumnal coloured tights in Penneys are my absolute favourite right now, they are so comfortable and look great with any outfit so now all I want is for knee high socks to be sold in similar colours ! I was trying to put together another 70's inspired outfit today but it just didn't look nor feel right and black with a few bursts of subtle colour never fails at this time of year, especially. I always like to compare this kind of outfits to the grunge 90s style - even though skater skirts didn't really come into the equation - and I was so bloody excited to wear the jewellery that I found on sale in Topshop (I raved about it all here.) and I knew that the grey one of the two chokers and the slinky-style bracelets would fit the whole look of this outfit so I got a little overexcited when it came to that. I also didn't wear the ankle boots for once ! I'm still using the excuse titled 'but I'm breaking them in' when wearing my school brogues outside of school since they are the cutest pair of shoes ever ! I also had to mix with beige and purple lipsticks because again, I am a grunge/goth/something wannabe. 

School ! Whatever happened with my first day of Fifth Year ! Well, the one and probably only thing that I learned all day was that there was no point of us even being in since a. it was a half day and b. we didn't do any work. I was in a slightly optimistic mood about the day until I walked in the door and everything kind of went downhill from there - I am pretty sure that anybody who frequents the Fifth Year bench probably knows by now that I did not want to be in that school yesterday. Basically, I adore all my classes so far, I know I will love the rest and all my teachers are great but outside that, everything is awful and I felt so so anxious and sick in the morning before assembly and at break time. That aside, I cannot wait for proper classes to begin on Monday and I am out of this place in less than two years so I'm also trying to pretend that we don't have seven maths classes a week !  Above is my back to school playlist written into my journal and decorated with unicorn stickers as I am definitely sixteen and a half years old, not six. Anyway, t'was not a great day, although it did mark five years since I began my first blog which is crazy ! Speaking of school, Ró of Totally Ró is carrying the TY Thursdays torch so don't forget to check out her posts here

This weekend is probably the last of no homework or study so I'm looking forward to relaxing a little bit and I hope you're having a lovely weekend too, 

Grace x

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Adventures in Dublin !

Yesterday, my friends and I embarked on a trip titled 'Culchies Visit the City for a Day'. Because that it what happened. I've heard that my posts are easier to read when the photos are broken up with paragraphs in-between so that is what we are trying today ! Also, stick to the end of this post as I'm going to have a little Q&A paragraph in Friday's post so scroll to the bottom for links to my Tumblr ask box, etc. ! 

Starting off, we headed for the train that left just before 8.30am and were expecting to be charged the ferociously dear adult prices, except one friend who shall remain anonymous had to pay adult's prices and the rest of us got away with €10.50 child tickets - an absolute rip off for my friend, but practically a steal for the rest of us ! The train eventually arrived at the station after taking it's sweet time and although we did not get a seat with a table, we found seats horizontally across from one another so all was good ! 

When we got off at Connolly and began walking down O' Connell Street, I realised that there were a. escalators everywhere in shops and b. pedestrian crossings on every corner. Now, I am all for the avoidance of lifts and the avoidance of cars knocking into me whilst I cross the road, but not as much into having to hold a friend's hand every time I want to reach the second floor and our journey from street to street being even longer and having to watch some terrible eejits attempt to cross roads without the green man. 

Walking around wasn't near as busy or stressful as I expected it to be, although it was only 10.30 in the morning. Our wandering involved entering shops like American Apparel and Lush where everything is so gorgeous and appealing except we'd probably have to take out mortgages in order to afford it all. And then you have to awkwardly explain that you're "just browsing" to the sales assistant who asks if you need any help ! Basically, I secretly wish that I could in Lush because all their staff dress so cool and get to work around pretty scents all day whilst being good at sales. And of course, I had to take the obligatory photos of all the pretty bath bombs and soaps because regardless of whether they're clear or blurry, my camera roll looks prettier as a result of them.

After this, we made it to Grafton Street which is where I dragged my friends into HMV. This was followed by me screaming since Swingin Party started playing and by the time Great Summer began, I had worked out that they were playing the bloody Paper Towns soundtrack ! I then became even more excited when rooting through the records and the long row of posters ! The best fifteen minutes ever, basically. Two of my friends had been joking about buying something in one of the tourist shops and I didn't think they were being serious until they came out one with "I Dublin" t-shirts. One of our last stops on Grafton Street was the Disney Store and that was just too entertaining because we appeared to be the only ones over the age of ten without a kid in the shop and again, everything was overpriced and we just walked around like "some day, I will be able to afford this !" 

St. Stephen's Green shopping centre was very pretty as always plus we bought morning snacks downstairs and the food wasn't overpriced at all !  We took our snacks to the green which was probably the funniest part of the day, except I have no decent photos to share here ! First, there were pigeons everywhere who were then known as "Kevin" "Kevin #1" "Kevin #2" or "Kevin's cousin" for the rest of the day because apparently it's a One Direction reference. Anyway, Kevin was nice. S/he was a little bit of a pain but still tolerable. Kevin goes for a wander and this duck waddles up, standing right in front of us. S/he just gives us all that threatening animal look as if s/he's going to start on us and he keeps waddling backwards and forwards towards us and then I got it on Snapchat, my friend yelping something along the lines of, "He's going to attack my a** !" Basically, the expressionless duck of nightmares and he didn't waddle off until an old man passed us by whilst we were panicking and he was just like "Oh. It's a duck". No, this wasn't any duck, this was an evil duck ! 

After tiring treks around Eason's and Penneys on O' Connell Street, in which the queues were crazy long, we ended up in McDonald's where one of our friends had very kindly insisted on paying for all the food and we had a lovely, long chat over our meals ! 

Currently listening to : Swingin Party | Great Summer | Taxi Cab 

We had to get one of our friends distract our friend whilst the remaining two of us bought her a photo frame to thank her for lunch. Then we decided that we wanted to put in a selfie taken earlier on so we ended up running all over the Ilac Centre and Henry Street, looking for one bloody shop that would print the photo ! Here in our culchie town, we have some kind of photo printing service in practically every pharmacy, as well as a few of the other shops and here we were in Dublin and I am pretty sure that photo printing was unheard of in this part of town ! Anyway, our last resort was the library where we knew there was a printing service - although, not specifically for photographs - and bravo ! Sixty cents later and we had a photo to frame and our friend loved it when we gave it to her at the train station ! 

I'm not a huge spender, I mean I prefer to buy in the Penneys sales ! So my Dublin haul consisted of a croissant, a Topshop choker and bracelets which were reduced from €14.50 each to €1.50, a much needed Essence 2in1 eyeliner and a pack of mints. I spent so long trawling around the downstairs Topshop sale because hey, what's the point in buying a necklace on sale for €4 when I could get one for a similar price in Penneys ? I can't explain how proud I was when the girl at the counter told me that the cost of my finds came to €3, like seriously, when can you say that you spent €3 in any decent clothing store, let alone Topshop ! 

So besides all those adventures, yesterday marked several things 

1. Independent young woman yehhhh who can waltz around Dublin without an adult or an episode on public transport ! I should probably thank my three friends for being amazing as always, keeping me calm and being the reason that this summer was so great ! 

2. The start of my new journal, i.e the decorated notebook in the first photograph ! It was covered in the clear book wrapping thingy, except then the photos were turning green when I touched them so I covered everything again, this time in sellotape, and it looks a little shittier but on the positive side, I can touch the photos without them turning a yellow highlighter shade and it also adds to the slightly vintage look. I will have a post up about it at some stage, discussing where the photos and screenshots on the cover are from or what I use it for so stay tuned ! 

3. One year since the first day of Transition Year which I remember began with grumbling 'for insert-swear-word-here sake' on repeat before I had even got out of the car, passing people by who had been in my junior cycle classes and then getting lost, where the heck where my friends ? Somehow, beginning with a negative attitude led to a pretty brilliant year ! The first three days were most memorable since I all of a sudden felt like a confident, careless person, I would meet really cool people in school and then I would go home and find even better music on Soundcloud and then I went through a month long spiralling crisis, like ohmygod I'm not able to TY ! That was a year ago which feels quite far away yet quite a short time ago, except now I'm entering Fifth Year with a similar attitude. My journal, pencil case, earphones, phone, holding a plaquard reading "Stay the I-swear-too-much away from me" whilst sitting at the bench in the quad where traditionally, people are sociable. 

Of course, Friday's post will be the annual first day back at school half-ramble, half-rant. It will also mark five years since I first began blogging so three blogs and five years later, I think it's quite an achievement that I've stuck around ! 

To celebrate returning to the corridors of wooly, adolescent eejits and still rambling on the Internet, I'm thinking of doing a little Q&A segment yoke-bob-thingy in Friday's posts so feel free to leave your burning questions - whether that be about how much everyone hate the Irish education system or something blog related ! You can comment questions below or in the ask box on my Tumblr

Another long post ! I'm sorry ! 

Grace x