Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Hue of Blue

Penneys tee and cardigan | v. old necklace | school shoes and Dunnes socks | similar skirt here | Topshop bracelets 

This outfit is from Saturday, except I didn't actually wear it out but changed into it when I got home so now I'm questioning whether that makes this a legitimate outfit post or not but let's continue anyway ! Similar to a ridiculous amount of my posts, this is an almost-monochrome-but-not-monochrome-since -white-clothes-are-too-difficult-to-look-after outfit. I love how this shade of baby blue looks when paired up with black, especially this 'wet look' skirt, just here like "I am trying to be sophisticated" ! Like I've said previously, sloppy t-shirts worn loosely over a skirt like this is my favourite kind of look at the moment, mainly because
a. I am too lazy plus I get ready too late on the weekends to put together an outfit that looks as if it's been well put together
b. My attitude towards clothes is the looser the better
c. Seriously though, who has time to tuck in their tees and feel uncomfortable in stiff clothing all day ! I'm just here, acknowledging the fact that nobody probably shares this opinion, oops.

Fifth Year keeps getting better so I'm all good. The month's going by quicker than I expected so October is approaching which means Halloween !!! Weird makeup - yes, weirder than the lower liner - shall be featuring on the blog throughout the month, as always, since t'is the season to freak everyone out and be a spookier version of our everyday selves. I've already bought two sets of Halloween fairy lights and I brought up the topic of choosing what to dress up as on the actual night of Halloween with my friend today so the season is truly on it's way ! On a final note, Disclosure and Lorde's collaboration 'Magnets' was released today and I've been listening to it in-between studying all evening, like what the heck this is so bloody amazing ! Also, can we talk about Ashish S/S16 ? Everything - the dresses, the makeup, the skateboards - is perfect together and it reminds me so much of photos from Rookie Mag and style bloggers who dress in a similar way. I am completely envious !

I get too excited over these kind of things but I hope your week is going great anyway,

Grace x 

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