Saturday, 5 September 2015


Similar top here | H&M skirt | TK Maxx jacket | Penneys tights | similar shoes here | Topshop choker and bracelets

Okay so I know that I was complaining on Twitter earlier about looking constipated in all my outfits photos or all the photos being out of focus but I guess that this is where being a narcissistic cow and taking too many photos comes in handy. Anyway, today was a brilliant day ! The weather was so autumnal and gorgeous, Aveen of The Random Life of Aveen and I went for coffee, we found all the Halloween decorations and fairy lights which will make me broke in Dunnes, I liked my outfit, all these photos turned out decent and dinner was gorgeous !  

I probably changed at least twice this morning; the transitioning of the seasons does not make dressing easy - like how am I supposed to know that it's not going to get any warmer or colder than it already is ? The weather was ideal today so I ended up just adding tights to my usual jacket, vest top and skirt combo. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, the autumnal coloured tights in Penneys are my absolute favourite right now, they are so comfortable and look great with any outfit so now all I want is for knee high socks to be sold in similar colours ! I was trying to put together another 70's inspired outfit today but it just didn't look nor feel right and black with a few bursts of subtle colour never fails at this time of year, especially. I always like to compare this kind of outfits to the grunge 90s style - even though skater skirts didn't really come into the equation - and I was so bloody excited to wear the jewellery that I found on sale in Topshop (I raved about it all here.) and I knew that the grey one of the two chokers and the slinky-style bracelets would fit the whole look of this outfit so I got a little overexcited when it came to that. I also didn't wear the ankle boots for once ! I'm still using the excuse titled 'but I'm breaking them in' when wearing my school brogues outside of school since they are the cutest pair of shoes ever ! I also had to mix with beige and purple lipsticks because again, I am a grunge/goth/something wannabe. 

School ! Whatever happened with my first day of Fifth Year ! Well, the one and probably only thing that I learned all day was that there was no point of us even being in since a. it was a half day and b. we didn't do any work. I was in a slightly optimistic mood about the day until I walked in the door and everything kind of went downhill from there - I am pretty sure that anybody who frequents the Fifth Year bench probably knows by now that I did not want to be in that school yesterday. Basically, I adore all my classes so far, I know I will love the rest and all my teachers are great but outside that, everything is awful and I felt so so anxious and sick in the morning before assembly and at break time. That aside, I cannot wait for proper classes to begin on Monday and I am out of this place in less than two years so I'm also trying to pretend that we don't have seven maths classes a week !  Above is my back to school playlist written into my journal and decorated with unicorn stickers as I am definitely sixteen and a half years old, not six. Anyway, t'was not a great day, although it did mark five years since I began my first blog which is crazy ! Speaking of school, Ró of Totally Ró is carrying the TY Thursdays torch so don't forget to check out her posts here

This weekend is probably the last of no homework or study so I'm looking forward to relaxing a little bit and I hope you're having a lovely weekend too, 

Grace x


  1. I felt the exact same when I went into 5th year on Wednesday, I was an anxious wreck. My classes are awesome and so are my teachers, but we still aren't doing much work yet. The people in my school aren't the best, so it making me more anxious because I feel so insecure around everyone. Hopefully things will look up for us throughout the year. Good luck in 5th year Grace!!
    Emily (

    1. Awhh no :( I agree though, here's hoping things look up for us throughout the year - best of luck to you too :)

  2. I so feel you about dressing during the transitioning seasons, it's so hard! Like, is too cold to wear a dress?? Is it warm enough to leave without a coat?? What is the deal @weather?? Reason 10308 why I love tights/knee high socks/tights & knee high socks, during this season! Your playlist is ace, I can't wait to check out some of the artists! Sending lotsa positive vibes your way for 5th year, Grace! x

    1. YESS OHMYGOD SO TRUE - I need to buy more knee highs now ! And thanks so much <3 same to you Victory !!! xx


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