Saturday, 19 September 2015

Golden Blue

☆ All these photos were taken around golden hour and I just start snapping photos and all the colours of the photos above turned out a dream ! I love the blue and white themes of Instagrams of photographers or just Instagrams in general, here and here for example, and the Robin Schulz 'Headlights' video . My English homework over the weekend is "the aesthetic use of language" where we basically have to write an short essay using a lot of elaborate poetic language. So I've been using all those kind of themes as inspiration, even though the story is supposed to and will come from my own imagine, but I have to start somewhere and blue or colourful cloudy skies, white or off-white structures, golden sand or dust and abandoned things in the colours mentioned are my favourite places in my mind to start ! 

☆ Short story about the last photo, I'm starting to go a bit mad with the makeup again or anything that requires me to be the slightest bit creative, for that matter. The NYFW Snapchat story resulted in me falling in love with fashion weeks all over again (I go through phases of having little or no interest in them, and not understanding the whole point.) and sweet crap, the makeup worn in the Jeremy Scott S/S 16 show !  I spent a ridiculous amount of time during the week, gazing at the close-ups of the graphic liner, thinking "how" ! Anyway, since it was based around spring, the peach lips and lack of liner was not very me so I put a twist on it, i.e lining the rest of my eyes as always and then going a little too heavy or far or basically, yea, it was too much.

Yesterday it involved only applying the lashline triangles to the very edge and going over them in green liner and pink, sparkly eyeshadow, just in case school decided to crack down on makeup for the day. Later I went over it a little heavier before Spleodar - Irish speaking club yoke - and a twelve year old  kid asks me "an bhfuil tú goth ?" That translates to "are you goth ?" Then I wear the makeup above this morning, heavier again, and I'm asked if I'm "going emo" and "sad". During the week, my hair was also compared to that of a goth or emo so I've got my Sharpie ready to write this on my head : Not goth. Not emo. Just Eyeliner. Just hair. Just a little odd. Note that I am joking this entire paragraph. I mean, all those things did happen, but I'm not offended, I repeat, I am jokingly complaining. And it probably doesn't help that the eyeliner always ends up smudging all around my eyes anyway and my hair covers 90% of my face. Not goth. Not Emo. Just having too much spare time. Just not really loving the shape of my face. Still a little odd

And that story was not short at all. I apologise. 

☆ I'm beginning to feel a little more settled into Fifth Year ! I've loved all my classes from the beginning and I was coping with all the work and getting back into study until this week when I had at least a test or two every day but now I finally feel almost 100% settled and comfortable, so I'm good ! On the flipside to this, I am completely wrecked at the weekends and I was so tired yesterday afternoon that I've after left all my homework and revision to tomorrow so I am not looking forward to that ! 

There'll be a few posts up during the week once I recover from schoolwork overload, 

Grace x 

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