Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How I Wave Goodbye to Stress !

If you still aren't following me on social media ... Well, one, you are really missing some great feeds - I'm holding a sarcasm sign - and two, you will not know that since I've begun Fifth Year, I've been a lovely ray of sunshine - still holding that sarcasm sign. Last night, or maybe today, or maybe several hours ago I came to the conclusion that it's not even a week into term and I am already a stressed, negative thundercloud  which is really not great because god knows what I'll be like this time in twelve months so on this immaculate day off school thanks-to-the-junior-cert-result-receiving-ones I have finally decided to get my sh*t together ! 

In true Grace-palm style, I am going to convince myself that I have my life together and am no longer going to panic over schoolwork every night by writing about it all on here ! So how do I de-stress ? Note that this could just also be described as how to temporarily distract yourself from responsibilities.

 My worst habit when taking a break from schoolwork is trying to multitask. I either 'take my break' by scrolling through my phone in one hand whilst I tackle double maths with the other or I take a break to relax but half my brain is still trying to remember twelve Hiragana characters and the other half is reciting thirty Irish words. This doesn't work, it's not a break. So the moral of the story is that when I plan to take five minutes off to relax, I put down the pens because it is not going to speed up the process any quicker and I'm only going to end up even more stressed. 

Even if you're not a typically creative person or the kind who keeps a diary or enjoys writing full stop, it can be quite therapeutic to take a pen and just write out everything about your day, what you've accomplished in the past twenty four hours or even better, anything that is stressing you ! You can even buy adult colouring books now which is probably the best thing ever ! Collaging can be quite fun as well and although it means finding actual things to collage, cut-outs from magazines, booklets or printing photos off a device is generally the handiest options. I love writing in my doodling / writing / anything and everything journal which I will do a detailed post on next week when it looks less depressing ! I can't doodle that much in class anymore since I have to pay full attention which is a bit of a pain so I'm appreciating when I can go mad and doodle all over a page and I'm finding it even more relaxing ! Personally speaking, it is probably my favourite way to feel as far away as possible from all my worries ! 

Probably a bit of an obvious method, but listening to music is such a brilliant way to float away from our troubles ! The kind of music I listen to depends on my mood or what kind of stress I'm feeling. If the stress is causing me to feel down, I listen to music that's really fast and exhilarating because it instantly makes me feel better and I can twirl around my room or air guitar or something ! My favourites include Satellite Stories, Fall Out Boy, We Are The In Crowd and Foo Fighters ! When all I want to do is relax and calm down, slower or softer music is my first port of call. I guess that meditation music would do equally as good a job but I personally love listening to any song on my phone that makes me feel as if I'm about to doze off ! Usually I listen to Alt-J, The 1975, Dum Dum Girls, Years & Years and Halsey ! 

4. MOVE ! 
Again, not an unprecedented method but exercise is another way to relieve stress ! It is quite difficult to fit in but any form of exercise releases endorphins and free up the mind a bit and it's even better when outside. We have bloody exercise charts in our school journals this year as part of the section about combating school-related anxiety and the likes but it really is quite a decent way to relax a bit. I should probably admit here that I enjoy multitasking whilst doing the exercises I learned in physio, but I'm just going to pretend that it's necessary. Y'know, if you've got the multitasking skills ... I may as well use them ! Getting out of a situation or place that is causing you a huge amount of stress is also quite important so why not juggle both ! 

Rather than procrastinating my way through my workload or whatever I'm doing, I've been trying to get it all over with and then have time to do whatever I wish ! I've found that Bloglovin' functions quite well on phones so I've really been enjoying scrolling through my favourite posts on my mobile lately. It's a much more convenient alternative to having to pull out my laptop, plug in the charger and so on - something I do not have near enough time to do during the week, unfortunately ! Tonight I had heaps of spare time which is why I was more than ecstatic to get on my laptop to write this post ! So putting aside 'me time' is very important ! 

I know that the methods above are what the majority of people do to de-stress but like I said at the beginning, but I'm just giving my two cents ! I'd love to hear your methods of de-stressing so feel free to discuss in the comments !

Grace x 


  1. These are great tips! I always find I work better for long periods of time than short ones ( strange, I know) I should definitely try and take more breaks though x :)

    1. Thanks so much :D and yass I get what you mean !

  2. Definitely needed this advice, I am in the exact same boat as you Grace. You also inspired me to write a similar post on my blog!

    Emily x

  3. Really enjoyed these tips! I find writing about my day helps me de-stress too, it makes me calmer overall.
    Also I like how you've decorated your journal, it's so cute :)

  4. These are great tips! I am literally already getting stressed over fifth year so I tend just to draw and read a bit in bed before I go to sleep because I have no time to do anything other than homework and rehearsals after school! x

    1. Thank you :D I'm the exact same - time is so so sparse !

  5. I love these tips! I de-stress by reading fashion blogs and studying outside but it also really helps to take a shower and listen to music.


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