Wednesday, 16 September 2015


As the months pass by, the season of autumn approaches and in Ireland, the weather makes it extremely unpredictable and a bit of a pain in the butt to dress sensibly for. Come to think of it, the Irish weather is pretty unreliable in general and we live through about five seasons in one day, all twelve months of the year so random layering is your best friend ! If the title hasn't done a song and dance already, we're layering dresses for the transitional season today ! 

The dress I'm layering today, I have had since I was eight - I had bought the wrong size - and you can see it on it's own here. I always wear it back to front since it just looks more sophisticated and 60s style. I've always loved the combination of pink, black and white and although they are not exactly typical autumnal colours, a little difference is always nice. 


This look for slightly warmer days adds a little touch of grunge to all the pink. More boxy fitting t-shirts as brilliant as they provide a certain amount of warmth when worn with a jacket for less cold September. But they also can be in so many versatile ways - roll them up and tie them at the side, wear them down loose, tuck them in if you're wearing jeans or a skirt, the possibilities are endless ! And of course, a leather jacket is the perfect way to give an outfit an edge and layer up stylishly. 

Penneys tee | TK Maxx leather jacket


What is better than a good old cardigan ! If you're lucky enough to be Irish, this probably won't last you into the cold depths of autumn unless you're also teaming it up with a jacket ! Again, for the warmer days earlier in the month, a wool cardigan is always a safe option. They also look and feel so cosy and autumnal, plus add a dark coloured jumper and I'm just here screaming "autuuumn !" Knit cardigans basically team up brilliantly with any outfit so it's an attainable option.  

no idea where this is from. 


Little light tops like this that you can just throw over anything are one of my favourite type of pieces to wear during the transitional season between summer and autumn ! I'd obviously have to add some kind of jacket to this since - it is Irish weather we're talking about. This top in particular consists of black, light material, wow I am amazing at explaining things, and there's all the pink bobbles over the majority of the gaps so it wouldn't help to add another layer, such as a tank top or tee, under this top like I did here. The colours of this top also make it quite adaptable to all styles - you could wear delicate colours with it for a pastel look, darker colours or black for an edgier look or add a pop of colour to outfits of monochrome tones,

H&M top 


Apologies for the blurry turn out of these photos - my face in the first photo possibly makes up for it - but we are moving onto layering skirts as desperate times call for desperate measures !  What is better than knowing that under a comfy, velvet skirt there is another layer whether it be a dress, shorts, a slip or tulle ? I have a lack of priorities at this time of year. My black velvet skirt is a bit of an all-rounder, it's been in my wardrobe for a year now and works for every weather possible, neither too light or too heavy, and because of the colour, it goes with basically every top I own. The velvet is also something a little different which adds to the list of reasons around why this is probably my favourite skirt ever. 

New Look skirt | H&M top again 


More blurry photos, but I didn't know !!! When taking outfit photos in and out of rain showers with a material bag of t-shirts, tops and socks, as well as an extra tripod beside you, noticing these faults is not really a thing. I, like every other girl who read fashion blogs or watched beauty vloggers on the Internet, went through a phase of wearing knee high socks with everything this time two years ago and I feel that I'm about to fall in love with socks all over again. This pair remind me of the fashion of the 60s - the navy colour, the wool pattern, the buttons. They are so cute and versatile, looking brilliant whether worn at full-length to the knee or rolled to the ankle, especially with ankle boots like the ones I'm wearing here which are quite worn at this stage, but still wearable once paired up with  inserts.

Dunnes socks | Tesco boots

So that was another post of me being a narcissistic kid taking photos of her outfits. Nah, forget that, I had lots of fun putting together this post. I really want to start experimenting with the way I edit photos, especially with outfit posts, so that means collaging, etc. and I would have done more with this post except Fifth Year is obviously not giving me a free ticket to multiple quantities of free time right now but what can you do !

I'd love to hear what your favourite pieces for the transitional seasons are !

Grace x 


  1. Layering is a must. It is already starting to get chilly here so I am having to remember to layer as much as possible. Loved this post. You did such a great job :D

    1. Thanks so much ! Yass it's getting colder already ahh

  2. I love that t-shirt in the first photo!! Great post hun :)x

    Anu♡ | My life as Anu | bloglovin

  3. Lovely post, Grace! Love this look! I actually bought the cutest dress, which layers a sweater over it already. I can't wait to dress it up and such. Looking forward to your next post as always! xx

    1. Thanks so much Guilianna ! Dresses with sweater in the winter are the beest <3 looking forward to your next posts too


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