Monday, 28 September 2015

No Return

Penneys dress | Penneys cardigans | Topshop bracelets and choker | Penneys tights | Tesco boots | rings from local shops
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Usually I don't do two outfit posts in a row since I don't want to appear narcissistic nor do I want people to think that I've this huge wardrobe or something, except why should I give two hoots about what others think of me and also, this post is up late enough already ! Everything seems to be both emotionally draining me of energy lately but tonight I am not letting it get the better of my writing !

Friday was our annual non-uniform day at school ! It was quite early this year since it was a fundraiser for the refugee appeal. There had been rumours circulating about the possibilities of this all week and then alas, on Thursday afternoon we are told that there is a non-uniform day tomorrow ! Non-uniform days in my experience are practically iconic, something interesting always happens but because of it's earliness, this year's one remained significantly uneventful bar the odd one or two funny incident and throughout the day, I found myself thinking it was the day of midterm! September is generally a very uneventful month since it is at the beginning of the year and it takes me forever to settle in, can be quite a depressing month but Friday was great !

When I was younger, I cared an awful lot about non-uniform days, more of what people would think of me - like I would genuinely be scared walking in, thinking that some twat would say something over me looking overdressed but I am in Fifth Year now and it's just another day ! The past few years I have toned it down a bit and this year, I wore this gorgeous blue dress from Penneys. It's the type of dress that I didn't think would look awfully flattering on me as it is neither overly tight nor overly loose but it has actually become my favourite dress - I mean it is so comfortable and it has pockets ! I repeat, it has pockets ! I wore my t-shirt cardigan as always since I did not want my derriere sticking out and other accessories included my usual bracelets and choker, some rings, my boots and also patterned tights - I was going to wear gold sparkly ones but they may have been a little too much and they also slightly resembled a net material so no.

The day somehow ended up being a less anxious one so yes !

Grace x 


  1. Pockets are always a good thing! I love what you wore. Plus, your nails are super cute!

    1. They seriously are ! Thanks so much <3 your comments always brighten my day !

  2. You look lovely as usual and your boots are so nice! x

    1. Thanks so much <3 but srlsy can I have your wardrobe your style's amazing :O !


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