Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Usual Tones

Penneys top and cardigan | Topshop skirt and bracelets | Tesco boots 
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I have no idea why I currently have such a love for more neutral or less vibrant coloured clothing ! I did wear a pink swirly dress under my top out but when I got home, I threw this skirt over it and felt a lot more content when the burgundy replaced the pink. Neutral tones can be so convenient since they usually suit almost any colour. I love the minimalist style but I find it so unattainable when it comes to actually putting together outfits so I think that I'll just keep those ideas to special occasions !

I love tops in the same shape and style of the one that I'm wearing in the photos above. They are so versatile and give a casual vibe to any outfit that's in need of appearing a little less formal. I also find that they add a little touch of grunge to outfits as well, depending on the colour and the way they're worn, especially over skater skirts and patterned pieces. It was a little cooler today than it was last weekend, although the sunshine still stayed out for the most of the day so whilst it was still warm enough for me to get away with a three-quarter length sleeved top, I decided to add a little cardigan anyway. 

Today was an extremely productive today, especially considering the fact that Fifth Year is already wearing me out and I'm only a week in ! After a late start thanks to me taking a while to leave the comfort of my bed, mam and I ventured into town. Observations of the day include a pumpkin spice drink in a coffee shop, although it was a little too sweet, creepy Halloween decorations and cute wall signs that I couldn't afford, cord shorts that were on sale but sadly, not in my size, more food, a book for the History project, probably other things that I can't remember and Halloween fairy lights plus other gory  decorations ! Our last stop was Tesco.I've already enlightened Twitter and Snapchat with my annual rant about how they already have a full aisle of Christmas sweets on September 12th, yet there is not a single Halloween product in sight outside the clearance section ! If you didn't already know, I am a scrooge until the first day of November - there needs to be a little appreciation for all things spooky, theatre makeup and pumpkins ! 

What have you been up to this weekend ?
Thank you so much, by the way, for all the lovely comments lately ! 

Grace x 


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