Thursday, 22 October 2015

Dusk Grain

Vero Moda top | Topshop skirt and choker | idk where my socks are from | school shoes

When is the last time I shared an outfit post on here ! Funnily, enough it doesn't seem that long ago, although at this stage "Grace is Wearing" has transitioned into "Grace is Wearing Dark Colours ... as usual ... what are brights". Last Saturday, mam and I went to Dublin to see nanny for the day and I was looking through my wardrobe in an effort to find something decent to wear with my burgundy skirt (it just felt like a burgundy skirt day, especially since it will be too cold for it soon !) and then I got a little overexcited because this top is a similar grainy dark colour and it was as if a puzzle was being completed ! This top is actually an old one of my mam's and as usual, I wore it back to front as it is V-neck and quite low-cut (V-necks and low cut tops look shite on me.) so I just prefer to wear it like this plus the v cut in the back looks so cute ! I don't have any photos of it but I just feel really comfortable in it. This time I also wore it off the shoulder as I figured it looked a lot better that way, even though it was a bit of a pain to keep up all day but hey ho ! And then I continued to insist on wearing my school brogues on the weekends ..... why do none of the shops sell affordable heeled chelsea boots ?

Midterm arrives tomorrow even though my brain still believes that it is Sepetember ! Leaving aside the fact that I have my first RSR history essay draft to complete, parts of an art prep. sheet and also being busy almost everyday, I'm beginning to look forward to the week. Ending on a lovely pessimistic note, Christmas stock. That's all I have to say. Christmas stock. I thought the amount of Christmas-related items was bad around my local area and then I found myself roaming around shops in Dublin where they seem to sell twice the amount, like what is wrong with you, retail ? Do you know what date it is ?

Right, that's it. You're getting a calendar for Christmas.

Grace  x 


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