Sunday, 4 October 2015


Penneys tee | Topshop skirt and tights | TK Maxx leather jacket | Claire's chunky necklace | school shoes
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As I begun typing this up a few hours ago, I was also wiping off all the mad makeup from round two of Halloween tutorials. The one decent thing about this was the fact that I was wearing almost no eye makeup so the removal process was a little quicker ! And that's what the past few weekends have been like - try open a book on Friday evening, maybe go to Spleodar, go somewhere at some stage on Saturday, take outfit photos, do a bit more homework, wake up ridiculously early on Sunday to finish homework, Halloween makeup yoke, study and then it's Monday ! But it's much better than it sounds in that very long list - I like being busy.

Other exciting things that have been happening include me eating complete crap all Friday and Saturday - okay I did eat normally on Friday morning but then I had my weekly treat of buying fried canteen food (greasy sausage roll and wedges but they are delicious.) then there was chocolate, chocolate hobnobs and hot chocolate in music class, a croissant was eaten when I came home, we had takeaway pizza for dinner, I drank hot chocolate again on Saturday (I'm not even a regular hot chocolate lover !) and Coke and more wedges and more biscuits and chocolate and basically, the moral of the story is that it was brilliant and my face is currently setting up camp base for a breakout in the morning but who even cares ! On Friday, we also did music practicals in class (hence the hot chocolate because what else makes publically humiliating yourself better !) and I don't know what was worse - my usual, accidental spilling over of a drink routine, going off key once or twice or going tomato with a lighting exposure of +1010101010 in the face and my hands shaking like billio. Yesterday consisted of mam and I going shopping; can we please have a moment of silence to appreciate the men's section in Penney's ! The jumpers are sloppier and therefore, cosier (I bought a light blue one, it's amazing.) the t-shirts are way cooler and they have nice, simple beanies ! All that list aside, the jumpers in the women's section really need to catch up with the men's - all we ask is for a jumper that is practical, warm, sloppy and of a decent colour and none of this frizzy wool all over the place or material that's too light for September nonsense !

I don't have many photos of my outfit since I picked the completely wrong location as always and it was too cold to take off my leather jacket but let me assure you that the whole ensemble looks better in real life ! I really wanted to wear some kind of high-necked black t-shirt with this outfit but not a polo neck since I don't own one nor do I want to, and I wasn't prepared to wear one of my black jumpers under a leather jacket yet so what did I do ? Of course I went and wore my blogger t-shirt back to front ! It did actually look half decent - it would have been quite decent if I hadn't tied it at the back but never mind - and the tag around the neckline did not bother me one bit so as a whole, it was a winner ! I added a bit of a gold coloured element when it came to accessories, wearing this chunky necklace for the first time in at least a year or two and wearing these tights for the first time since I bought them on sale (sorry Topshop, I wouldn't pay over €2 for these, the gold bits are falling out already.) over summer and they are glorious ! Ignoring the fact that they were quite itchy at first and the gold bits have been falling out since they aren't part of the pattern or anything, I love this pair so much and they give an entirely different look to any outfit ! I felt like Lorde or some badass, arty type off Instagram when I put on my lipstick and eyeliner with the whole outfit so I think that I've ticked off my weekend goals.

Grace x 


  1. I have those tights but I haven't gotten round to wearing them yet! I love what you've worn them with! x

    1. They're amazing ohmygod ! And thank youuu :D


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