Friday, 2 October 2015

Ice Queen | Halloween Makeup

As it is the second day of October, nobody can eat my head off for saying that the Halloween season is well and truly underway ! Today's first post of the season has a lot of room for improvement - the video settings weren't right so I didn't even bother editing it, the whole result isn't exactly one I'm 100% happy with and the photos were taken in a selfie-way, quite awkwardly. But isn't it better for there to be lots of room for improvement rather than to go downhill from a brilliant start ! And before we get started, I may remind you that most of my previous Halloween themed posts can be read in one click here

Today I am some sort of ice queen ! I had limited resources and inspiration last weekend so this is the best it was going to get !

1. I started off by applying a colder shade to my face. I'd recommend using a shade of powder, face paint or eyeshadow in either a shade lighter than your skin tone or a colder tone. In my case, white face paint or powder would have been perfect but unfortunately I didn't have any of this so instead I settled for a silver eyeshadow which created quite a dewy look. 

2. Next, I shaded in my brows with a cobalt blue eyeshadow, finished off with a turquoise eye pencil. The blue can look a bit too sharp or harsh sometimes so brushing out the excess with a brow comb would be a good idea ! 

3. After this, I began contouring to create an even colder-toned look. Again, a cobalt blue eyeshadow was used for the initial starting point followed by blending with a lighter blue, almost turquoise-like, shade. This was all applied to the usual contouring spots - the temples, lack-of-cheekbones, down the sides of the nose and jawline. Whether you go heavy or light, it's completely up to personal choice. I went back over it all later with the turquoise eye pencil and then applied some under my eyes. 

4. I don't even know how I carried out the next step; it was a little all over the place ! I tried creating branch-like tear stains down one side of my face using the same method as I do when creating bloody tears - darkest colour used for the inside outline, lighter colour shaded around the outline. I then went completely five-year-old-child-let-loose-with-a-crayon-and-a-white-wall crazy on the other side of my face and we won't go into that.

5. For my eyes, I took out my trusty, old liquid eyeliner and just covered my lids in it, along with a little beyond above the lids, winged out at the sides as always. It was supposed to look sincere, but that didn't really work out so we'll just pretend that it's elegant.

6. To finish off my lips, I didn't and still don't own a blue lip pencil so I cleaned my blue eye pencil - emphasis on cleaning it - and applied it all over my lips, finishing with a topcoat of silver lip gloss. I don't think it would advisible to eat with blue eye makeup on your lips so it might be worthwhile to invest in a face paint or lipstick or something. I have no advice, I've been out of this zone for too long.

So that was a very brief, first post of Halloween 2015 ! Things will become better from here !

Grace x 

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