Wednesday, 7 October 2015

October Is Becoming A Damned Five Weeks

October is becoming a damned five weeks
Patience, a paper thin sheet 
And the days not only shorten 
But blend blindly into routine

Smashing a heart into thirty one 
Giving a jagged piece back each day 
But this year the leaves form wings on them
And fly away from the stake

And they visit a lonely chair 
Empty without purposes that should sit there
And a loudspeaker that emits no noise but stares
A rigid silence raising hairs

And darkness can be fun 
But it's slowly becoming mundane 
Waiting in last month's melancholy
The leaves of wings are all that change

Happy birthday year
 the becoming of a teary ten
Staring at the time in the clouds 
Listening out for the clocks to spin again


Apologies if this post was quite negative but my month right now is quite negative, if I hadn't referenced to that enough, but I felt like writing and I don't understand the issue surrounding expressing feelings online, no matter how ecstatic or bleak, so there we go !

The aim is to be in slightly better spirits by the time the next Halloween post goes up but in the meantime, here's to a better rest of the month !

Grace x 


  1. I am sorry to hear that things are feeling negative....but I am glad you have an outlet. I always find writing helps me to deal with my emotions.


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