Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sun Strokes

I have a feeling that these photos were taken on the morning of Thursday 15th when there was this amazing sunset at 8am and I was ready to go, bar feeding the rabbits, so I ran outside with mam's camera going snap-snap-snap. The colours of the trees intrigued me so much, I was just standing there like is this even real ! I haven't taken many photos since plus the weather is beginning to go downhill as October comes to an end, but I'm thinking of buying a disposable and using it to document midterm - I probably won't share all the photos on here but they will look pretty to plaster all over my journal !

This year I haven't written many Halloween posts or done anything to do with the season in general, approaching the thirty-first, which is a real pity since I know that I definitely won't be able to do that kind of thing next year but guess who is getting to dress up to celebrate Halloween twice this year ? This meme, okay, this. And guess who gets to decorate their friends' faces with fake blood and the likes twice this year ? Also this. Basically, next weekend is going to make up for my lack of Halloween-ing this past month.

Grace x 


  1. These photographs are absolutely beautiful! x

  2. Oh how beautiful! These pictures are why I love the fall season. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous.


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