Friday, 27 November 2015


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Today was a very great day that consisted of food, food and more food, Christmas left, right and centre and me trying to brush off a cold (but actually just talking too much and too loudly for my own good.). And revision too, but we're just going to pretend that Christmas Exams don't exist until Sunday arrives. When I think of it, it's actually been a brilliant week. I was more stressed about my musical practical today than revision (and that went well in the end !), I managed to keep both sane and on top of all my work and I didn't make a twat out of myself once ! Yay ! If you have been reading Dainty Sprinkles for yonks, you might remember in Third Year (two years ago.) when I used to write about how I would slip up socially and "make an eejit // twat out of myself" only a weekly basis and that whole mindset has crept it's way back into my everyday life since September but this week I did not worry about whether I'd made a gobsh**e of myself in a conversation once ! Result !

The Toy Show is on tonight and if you didn't think I was hyper enough already, well you'll know it by midnight ! I've been eating sweets and chocolate since 8.55am and have been in a ridiculously good mood all day so I basically haven't really shut up all day, even though my throats was in bits and I was singing this cover for one of the two songs in my practical (well done to me for messing up the original outside my practical, but not during my actual practical, wow go me.) so it will probably hit me on Sunday when I wake up and realise that I have Christmas Exams in bloody History, Irish and Japanese exams the next day. Who the heck thought that that would be an even half decent combination ! And I said earlier that I was going to pretend that Christmas Exams don't exist, oh well.

Hope you have a brilliant weekend !

Grace x


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