Sunday, 1 November 2015


Mam's dress | also mam's necklace | Penneys tights | Tesco boots

Halloween and Christmas would be competing for the title of my favourite 'holiday' and it would be a close call, although Halloween almost always wins ! I wasn't sure whether I was going to enjoy it this year but after two nights of celebrating spookiness (plot twist, Grace does occasionally have a social life.) it has been undoubtedly brilliant this year ! On Friday, I went to my friend's for the evening where we had lots of food and watched Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd (would have been creepier if they blood had actually looked real.) and Miranda, after we found the boxset ! Last night, two of my friends came over and like every other year, I destroyed their faces with fake blood and eyeliner and then we watched Mean Girls - almost every year there is always someone who hasn't seen it yet, like where have you been ? 

The weather was disastrous on Friday - I mean how much do I have to pay the rain to stay away - so I didn't get around to take any photos but it was pretty much the same outfit but with different makeup. I wasn't even going to bother going outside yesterday but then I saw the fog coming down and I just ran to my dressing table, like I've got this ! This year, I tried to create the appearance of a cracked doll around my right eye although I wasn't completely impressed how it turned out and then I finished it off with some fake blood - as usual, the makeup I did on my friends' faces was more technical than my own ! I wear this dress most years for Halloween, it's my mam's from years ago, and this year I paired it up with this mad pair of cobweb-like tights. There's no material on this pair, besides the stringy bits that create the appearance of cobwebs so you can imagine that they are an absolute curse to put on and even more so, the next day when you've forgotten to untangle them the night before ! 

So that's another Halloween over; it only dawned on me yesterday that it is no longer socially acceptable for me to go around wearing spooky makeup and clothing and taking creepy-vibed photos but it still doesn't mean I can't do it ! As predicted, the Christmas ads were all over the place first thing this morning and the shops are probably playing Christmas songs, although I can't really complain since we were playing a CD this afternoon ! 

I have school tomorrow. And my back is so sore that I am walking like an old woman. I wish it would be as funny as it sounds,

Grace x


  1. Obsessed with your Halloween makeup! It looks awesome! Sweeney Todd is a fantastic movie. A great choice for Halloween viewing :D

    1. Thanks so much ! It's a brilliaaant film :D

  2. Hi! My name is Emily and I'm 21. I have sensory processing disorder and dyslexia. Love your blog it's awesome! I write a blog called where I share my sensory experiences. Hope you don't mind me messaging you �� Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat!

    1. Hii ! Have just been reading your blog - it's so interesting and there's so much great advice, thanks for commenting here :D


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