Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Candy in my Brain

Letter to myself : Grace, you really need to get your s**t together. 

Currently listening to : God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen cover 

Christmas Exams taking place on the first week of December is just really not a great idea for me. I mean keep it going (pls school don't ever change it, cheers.) it's much a much more comforting thought than the idea of exams on the week we get our holidays (seriously how does one ever get through that ? Right before Christmas ?) but this year, as a Fifth Year student, I really just can't get back into the routine of homework and study. The holidays don't even seem that near - two weeks away from today - yet I still spend every class struggling not to go for a nap. In all of this, I'm just hoping that once this and next week are over, the teachers will spend the last Monday and Tuesday peeved that nobody's getting their holidays until three days before Christmas and that we'll spend the final two days carrying out the usual traditions which include the following 

 Creating complete bulls**t reasons surrounding why we shouldn't have to do work today 
☆ Looking up Christmas music on YouTube
☆ Some eejit suggesting that we watch Elf or Frozen and ninety percent class turning around to glare at that said student 
 Spending most of the class flicking through Netflix or some other site 
☆ Followed by convincing the teacher that this film is actually really appropriate 
 Eventually accepting that we're just going to have to accept watching Elf or Taken again 

May I remind everyone that this is two weeks away. So I should probably shut up now and focus on the present.

December, of course, is the best month of them all for YouTube watching as it is the month of Vlogmas ! My daily routine has been consisting of watching vlogs from this vlogger, this vlogger and this vlogger. I haven't got around to watching any today but this year they just seem to be amazing all round ! A moment of praise for the beginning of each of Suede Brooks' vlogs - "IT'S VLOGMAS DAY __ GET YOUR S**T TOGETHER !". I live for this. To top all this off, I go online this evening to see that BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge had shared a Hozier cover of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (one of my favourite Christmas songs ever - you cannot beat Ella Fitzgerald !) - can this evening get any better ? 

In all of the madness above, I completely forgot to even mention the series of photos at the beginning of this post. I had any idea in my head, as always I drew out a little diagram to put my imagination to paper, the title and concept are inspired by BØrns lyrics "she's sweet like candy in my veins" but 'brain' sounded better so we'll roll with it. Today was the only day that I take photos outside before the sun set and somehow the weather held out ! And I painted by lips with red lipstick and white eye pencil in an attempt to continue the candy cane theme. 

Grace x 

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