Sunday, 13 December 2015

Comfortably Layering

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I did it ! I gave into the trend ! To be honest, my general attitude towards 'trends' is that unless we buy solely from second-hand shops or don't update our wardrobes at all, we all follow the trends in some form - and even if we buy second-hand or wear 'hand downs', the way we style them is likely to be influenced by these trends. I don't usually buy the staple items of a current trends since either a. they're too expensive (usual result.) b. I'll realise they're rotten this time in a year (also a usual result.) or c. it's just not my style (quite similar to b. and another usual result.). All the fashionable Instagram girls who dress so creatively stylish - which is generally second-hand and so glamorously edgy - such as this account and this one too have been layering little black slip dresses and similar styles over white tops - generally polo necks - recently. Think now-perceived-as badly dressed 90s celebrity meets six year old 00s kid who has just been told by her mammy to layer up for the cold days. 

It sounds awful but it works ! It bloody well works ! So after a ridiculous length of time spent fawning over this style, I came to the conclusion that I could actually pull it together - if I overcame the icky feeling of stupidly tight tops. Despite the fact that I was wearing a lot of layers which were mostly of different lengths, which were therefore uncomfortable when merged together, and often tight, this outfit is probably one of the most comfortable that I have worn in ages - I even wore my fluffy green coat on top ! So if you ask me, not only is this look apparently 'on trend', it is also a surprisingly comfortable way to layer up in the colder weather or any kind of weather, depending on what kind of top, jumper or tee you were underneath and how heavy or light the material is. And that's coming from someone with sensory issues ! 

I think I'll leave it there for today's post. 
Talk soon !

Grace x 


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