Thursday, 31 December 2015


* error in the name of the first song, 'Electric' not 'Eletric'. Oops.

On the Eve of the New Year, we may as well acknowledge the eve of a new month too. This calls for monthly playlist time ! I find it hard to believe that I actually kept up these posts all year but there we go anyway, Grace actually does not always quit everything ! During December, I, of course, listened to heaps of Christmas music - surprised I actually listened to anything else - and among my favourites were amazing covers such as Hozier's version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (favourite carol !) and Hudson Taylor's of I Believe In Father Christmas (became infatuated with this song on Christmas Eve.) but also originals, such as Stevie Wonder's What Christmas Means To Me, which I listened to on the way out of school most days. I also discovered Born's music during December after watching a cover of 'Electric Love' and just fell in love with his voice so he is currently my favourite singer, followed by Aurora who's enchanting music I continued to listen to a lot over the month. Towards the end of the month, I listened to Twenty One Pilot's album 'Blurryface', hence Not Today and some of Arctic Monkey's old music, such as Leave Before The Lights Come On. 

And of course, the annual playlist ! I usually do these at the end of my annual round-up posts and this year it still wasn't going to lose it's rightful place on the blog. I listened to a lot more music than usual this year after taking more of an interest in it and like I said early, I did a playlist post each month of 2015. Instead of trying to find the space to write out the names of all the music that I listened to throughout the year, I've written out my favourite lyrics from a lot of these songs ! I have forgotten a few, either that or there didn't seem to be enough space, but here's what I did remember anyway. Slightly related, my friend Jane has been writing 'Best of 2015' over on her blog and one of them is music and I'd definitely recommend checking it out here since her taste is brilliant.

 I took an interest in a lot more things than usual during 2015. I would usually get bored of anything easily. For example, skipping through Youtube videos, articles and TV shows, rarely completing any form of writing or doodling unless it was for school, reading books from the back or picking random chapters, to name a few,. I could be wrong but it seems that my low concentration level may exist outside maths class ! I get so easily distracted and get a little overwhelmed by high levels of information, whether it be in a conversation or reading something so I suppose after attempting to work on this throughout the year, I'm going to try even more to work on this.

Cute, weird animal edits to celebrate the end of the year are a necessity ! The background textures and overlays were downloaded off the Google but of course, Plum and Truffle are my own cuties so they're taking the place of a random cat off the Internet ! My editing skills were slightly dodgy today since the photograph of the two is quite dark. 

Nevertheless, I'll finish off this post by wishing anyone who reads this a happy new year ! I'm not big into the new year hype but it is an ideal occasion to reflect on the past twelve months of one's life. Like any year, although maybe more so, 2015 has been overwhelmingly amazing and overwhelmingly sh**ty ! The pessimist in me does not expect 2016 to be as good as the last but the optimist in me tells me to think happier so we shall see what happens ! 

Best wishes for your 2016 and thank you for reading any of my posts during 2015 ! 

Grace x 


  1. Thank you Grace for mentioning my post!! Happy New Year!


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