Sunday, 20 December 2015

Polo-necks and Grey

Top belongs to mam | Tesco dress and boots | Penneys tights

It looks like there's an alien living underneath my top because I wore a belt and bunged up the dress because 

a. the below the knee length doesn't suit this jumper 

b. I'm conflicted between liking and hating the babydoll style of dress on me

I wore this dress to a 21st a few weeks back and like I've already said, I was and still am unsure of how the dress sits on me but I am still really enjoying wearing jumpers either over and underneath cute little dresses. This top is one that would have looked great either over - worn here - or underneath this dress because of the polo-neck style collar. I actually wore the top itself back to front and the original front is v-necked so there are so many different ways that I could have worn this outfit ! Even better, the combination of the colours are quite festive as well. 

My mam's camera then died which is why I only really got one or two decent outfit photos and then I used my digital to take the blue images above ! Ever since I took this photo, I've become really intrueged by how the house's roof and the drains look in different weather. I have no idea why I find it so fascinating but it always looks very stripped back and basic - the opposite of my camera roll, currently filled to the brim with colourful fairy lights and more fairy lights and of course, tinsel ! I haven't actually taken any blue-toned sets of photos in a while since I've been loving the look of photographs in the dark mixed with lights. I swear that I'm not obsessed with colourful lights, like,  what am I even supposed to do after Christmas when only my blue butterflies and green leaves are left ? It's been raining most days as well lately, another reason why I haven't been taking many bright sky-backrounded photographs as of recently. 

For some reason, I'm going into school for the last two days. But I'll have my two euro disposible camera from the pound shop and untidily decorated shortbread for friendsmas//squadsmas with me,

Grace x  

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