Monday, 28 December 2015

Reviewing My Favourite Places of 2015 !

2015 has been a bit of a strange year for me so my usual 'twelve months in review' kind of post isn't on the menu this year. Instead, I'm going to do a few different posts, some - such as this - looking back and other looking forward. I've paid a lot more attention to things in general this year but especially my surroundings. Because of this, I thought it would be nice to share a little appreciation for just a few of the pretty places that I've spent either short or long lengths of time at during 2015 ! So, in no particular order, from the top righthand corner ,,,

1. TY Bench ! Also, referred to as 'the bench' during the time that people in my year occupied it, the Transition Year bench is where I spent a lot of my time sitting squashing to find a seat in the mornings and lunchtimes of school during the first half of the year. With just one picnic bench, two normal benches against the wall (hence the squashing.), bumpy, choppy cobblestones that were easy to trip over and a drain that would continuously drop on one's head if rain was falling, the area is what I remember most about the academic year ! The current Transition Years never go near this bench so some First Years have taken to sitting at the remaining benches. 

2. Beach ! One or two of my friends were always telling me about this beach so when I finally stepped on the second beach in March, I was probably the last person I know to do so - go me ! Can I use the 'late bloomer' or basically late for everything excuse ? Probably not. This is one of the most beautiful beaches that I've been to, in fact, one of the most gorgeous places I've been to (that could change if I go abroad again.), I just don't believe that it's actually in Ireland (stupid statement of the year by me.) and in the few times I've been, the weather has only been horrible once and even then, it still managed to look attractive ! Some of my favourite photos were taken here and there's also a really cute playground behind it, although I probably shouldn't have been there because it's part of a housing estate oops. 

3. Sheffield ! I was only here for a few days but it's such a scenic place that I completely fell in love with it and spent the following weeks wishing to go back ! Luckily enough, the weather was brilliant when mam and I stayed and my attempt at drawing the Abbeydale Picture House obviously doesn't do the beauty of it during golden hour justice ! My favourite places that I saw in Sheffield include the old-style houses (SOMEDAY I WILL LIVE IN ONE, OKAY !), the amount of multicultural restaurants (way more than just an Indian, Italian and Chinese.), if that's the correct way to describe it and the peak district which reminded me a lot of the Wickow Mountains !

4. Fifth Year Bench ! Also referred to on social media as various other names that we won't discuss. Not exactly my favourite place in the world but my only other options generally consist of wandering around the corridors for a half an hour. The bench is a great place for watching everyone else in the quad scatter into the indoors when it begins to rain, as one does not have to take off since hallelujah, there is some kind of roof or shelter kind  of thing over the seats ! Also a very pretty place when the sun is out in the morning as a gorgeous glow rests over the quad and creates all these gleaming colours on the benches and shelter. I would take a photograph but I am pretty sure it would be too odd for me to take out my phone or camera and start snapping away. It's also right beside the canteen door and the door to where the vending machines are is only across the quad so you can be lazy and buy food without having to walk too far. The bin beside it is often occupied by wasps, ten out of ten recommend steering away.

5. Glass Beside the Front Door ! When I wake up at a ridiculous hour of the morning for school, I turn the Internet Box on while on my way to the kitchen for breakfast ! The Internet Box is pretty near to the front door, it's actually right in front of it. On either side of the door, there's glass and during the longer days, one can see the sun beginning to rise. Sounds cliche, but it's one of my favourite ways to start the day because the colours of the rising sun coming through the glass, surrounded by the darkness looks magical ! 

 6. Back Garden. In the mornings, especially in the mornings. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen too many photos of the sun rising above this part of the garden. Worryingly enough, I have even more in my camera roll, all that have never been uploaded, most likely because I had already shared too many photos of sunrise on social media that morning. Oops. I usually take these photographs on my phone whilst trying to convince my rabbits to go home so that I can feed them. If it's a particularly nice morning, I sometimes take out mam's camera. Most recently, the sun's rays also look beautiful when reflecting on the white drains below the roof, giving them a yellow tint or a blue sky giving them a cooler temperature. The garden's also pretty and misty when it's raining but usually I don't spend too much time taking photos of that as it usually results in me gaining a cold ! 

So they are some my favourite places of 2015. Other's include my friend's pink bedroom, the front of the school, the trees in the front garden, the sh**ty road I live on, people's houses in the early hours of the morning and the walkway behind the shopping centre. 

What are some of your favourites places of 2015 ?


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