Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Tinsel Threads

I am on my Christmas holidays ! There was probably little or no point of me turning in to join the mass refusal to do any work whatsoever but I have priorities, such as mantaining decent attendance. Highlight of the final day was when I lost my phone after break and by the time I went looking for it an hour and a half later in the last class, it had been dropped into reception ! There are kind people in my school ! If you have ever seen me swanning around the corrdiors on the last two days of first term, it is likely that to you, I am that person who gets way into the festive season. Contradictory to the tinsel and fairy lights, the santa hat clips - both worn above -, the disposible camera I annoyed my friends with and the shortbread for them decorated with the lovely descriptions 'bae', 'hoe' and 'your ma', to name a few, I really cannot stand Christmas Day itself and although I have always loved the build up - hence the elaborate traditons - I am growing to dislike that too as the years go on. Mainly because year after year as I get older, I recognise the pressure and materialism that exists around it. Christmas is more of a commercial season now, not a religious one and in no way do I bash that idea since it is commercial Christmas that I celebrate ! 

But the fact that everywhere you go, right down to the town I live in, there is people rushing left, right and centre, rushing with the cars or their bags and trolleys, to put arrangements in place to ensure that this day is their ideal, a form of perfect. People get unnecessarily stressed over  the pressure of gifts and dinner, there is pressure to spend continuous lengths of time with family, there is even more pressure to spend the day in the best mood, appearing grateful, happy and content, all to make this day 'perfect'. I don't mean to criticise what is the majority of the population, but wow, there is less pressure on birthdays, formals, weddings and whatever else to be 'perfect' that many Christmasses. And the funniest thing is that unlike the occasions above, Christmas is not a once off but occurs once a year. Moving on from that, we won't even mention New Year as I have almost two thousand and sixteen problems with the culture around that celebration too. 

I didn't leave the house today which is why my outfit is all fluffy and cosy. This green jumper - used to be mam's - is perfect for lazing in around the house, it's so floppy and warm. All the colours are very Decemeber and festive - I feel like a Tumblr bopper at this time of year ! I also went a little mad on the makeup end and not only wore pink and purple eyeshadow, but two tone lips ! I've been trying to get back into wearing bright red lipstick lately, generally creeping it back in by combining with darker colours. Today I just went for it. The colour turned out prettier than expected and I'd forgotten about how long it sticks to my lips, so one is very happy ! 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I plan on spending yet another day eating twice my body weight in food,

Grace x


  1. I love what you're wearing, the tinsel looks so nice with it! I also really like your lipstick with the different colours and your bunnies :)


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