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When Celebrating Christmas

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Happy belated Christmas ! Or St. Stephen's Day ! Or Boxing Day ! Or wow-look-at-all-them-sales day ! Or happy weekend ! Yesterday I celebrated Christmas with my family and as I did last year, the year before and the year before that year before, I thought I'd share a few photographs of and rambles about the day here. 

If we're to begin from midnight, my Christmas began with me in bed at one in the morning, on the borderline of almost weeping at YouTube videos because when you watch a Hudson Taylor cover of a Christmas song and a Romeo and Juliet pas de deux what else are you supposed to do ? Christmas morning was a bit of a fail on my behalf as I got up at eight, had a lovely fry up (thanks mam !) and opened presents and then went back to bed, only to look through other people's Snapchat stories to put me in the festive mood. Quick sidenote to apologise to anyone who were unfortunate enough to see my Snapchat stories following the antics of my new dolphin date pencil case who remains to be named. You can see some of the snaps on my Twitter here. Again, apologies. 

On Christmas Eve, I actually read the Dummies' Guide book about mam's camera after envying the gorgeous photographs in Elizabeth's most recent post. I love photography yet I didn't have a single clue of how to work with the manual mode or how to experiment at all with the camera. Because of this, yesterday consisted of me changing the settings everytime I took a photograph until I found the look I liked ! I've also found myself sharing less and less photos I take on social media unless they're specifically taken for a specific reason ! I got lots of nice shots on my disposable camera of the last two days of term this week, but when they eventually get developed and I find out whether they turned out nice or not, I doubt I'll have them on social media and it's the same with most of the photos I took yesterday. Ultimately, I feel as if I'm turning into the person who's like "I don't want to share my entire life on the Internet" because I'm coming to learn that I can post photographs, words or anything really on the Internet without it necessarily being of events occurring in my life. I always find a kind of sad when bloggers - especially those who's occupation is blogging - feel as if they have to share their entire life online or constantly be photographing every second of their life to share online because social media or YouTube or blogging is their hobby or career. Heck no ! You should write about or photograph events in your life because you want to not because you feel it's your duty to and it's the same with sharing online ! 

Finally for my outfit, I didn't get any great photos of it as around the tree was a quite cluttered and when I went outside to take these photographs, it was becoming very dark and windy. This was to the point that I changed the camera settings back to auto to put kid mode on ! What I wore yesterday was so comfy, it could not have felt greater ! My jumper is from the men's section in Penneys which means it is therefore larger and cosier because Penneys do not seem to know how to make the jumpers in their women's section cosy, sloppy yet still fashionable ! It just does not happen ! These jumpers though, ten out of ten recommend. My skirt was bought in New Look and it has pockets ! It has actual pockets ! You can't really see them here as the jumper is probably hiding them but pockets on any piece of clothing makes everything ten times better ! It also has an elasticated waste which is also another win. In terms of accessories, you can't really see it here but Santa brought me one of those cute cord necklaces with the stone for Aries at the end of it so of course I had to wear it yesterday ! 

I should probably get out of my pajamas now.

Grace x 


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